The Reallusion's Sci-Fi Movie competition has concluded and Reallusion thanks everyone who has participated in this successfull event (over 60 quality videos were received). Reallusion has also offered a variety of awards and prizes from several branded sponsors which are ready for all the winners. Each video submission was screened and meticulously reviewed for each award category and prize. You may view some of the entries here in the Watch area.

To better understand how each award category was considered; we invite you to refer to the descriptions below. We would also like to make note that we did not receive any qualifying video for the Mashup Media category, but we did receive two outstanding films for Movie Tribute. This led us to offer the initial Mashup Media award as an additional Movie Tribute prize as we feel it is only fair to award your efforts. You will also notice that the Super Hero category was retitled to Space Man Category as our judges felt it would better suit the winner.


As usual, all categories were judged on quality, creativity and exceptional effort. The judging was not easy as there were several great films to choose from, but in the end we trust that you agree with our picks. Thank you all for your great participation, and we look forward to seeing you next year where we expect to have an even greater prize line-up for all you filmmaking enthusiasts.

*To the Winners > Please send your personal info (real name, winning video, country address [required for the following winners: Best Picture, Best Tribute, Best Screenplay, and Most Creative Alien]) to in order to request your prize before 8/15.

The Reallusion Team

Guest Judges


It was our pleasure to introduce part of the judging panel for this year's Sci-Fi Filmmaking Competition. Our guest judges at, who have been a pioneer in the online video scene for more than 10 years, with their Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge leading the way. We thank's outstanding group participation in this year's iClone Sci-Fi Filmmaking Competition and we look forward to regularly having them in our future events.

Prize Judge's Comment
Best Picture

This year's Best Picture Award goes to Mark Pleasant, from Small Wonder Studio, who has produced a short but sophisticated film production with unbelievable blooming skies and great atomspheric control. Mark has also created a unique alien style that has impressed us all at Reallusion. We congratulation him for winning with this near-perfect film in this year's Best Picture category.

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First Wave SAGA

Director: Mark Pleasant

Best Tribute - Original

Best Movie Tribute goes to David Thomas from DT Creations, who has produced a serious masterpiece that truly represents the glory of Star Wars. David receives high scores in every aspect with this epic film production that epitomizes our memory of the Star Wars Universe. Congratulations to DT Creations !

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The Dark Side 2010

Director: David Thomas

Best Tribute - Parody
The second Movie Tribute prize goes to Phil Browne, from Biggs Trek Motion Pictures. Phil has created an incredibly smart and funny original film that delivers a fresh and unique twist to Movie Parodies with the iClone 3D Movie Machine. Go Underpants Man !
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The Ex Files

Director: Phil Browne

Best Screenplay

The Best Screenplay Award goes to AnimaTechnica with the Voyages of the Sojourner. This masterpiece brings an innovative and creative storyline that captivates deep and appealing plots all while delivering great costume and scene production. Congratulations to AnimaTechnica MyCinema Productions who have once again raised the bar for all iClone Movie Makers.

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Voyages of the Sojourner:
The Complete Trilogy

Director: AnimaTechnica

Best Spaceman

This year's Super Hero Category is awarded to Andre Peisker's Spacewoman in The Endless Space. This film represents good creativity in hero design with great coordination and atmospheric setup. Our outer reaches are safer now with Peisker's; One Mission, One Future .... One Hero.

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The Endless Space

Director: Andre Peisker

Coolest Robot

What would a Sci-Fi Competition be without a Cool Robot Category? That is why this year we award Saúl Soto and the Septimo Sol Productions for one of the coolest Cyborg/Robots we have seen. Saúl has used a unique assembly of robot characters that would make any mad scientist envious. Not to mention the genius use of makeup and texturing on characters. Congratulations Drakko... and yes, we saw the power loader !

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Cyborgs and Robots

Director: Saúl Soto Barzalobre

Most Creative Alien

The Most Creative Alien award goes to Nikolay Rusenov's Aliens which portrayed calm and proud exteriors. Their vacant eyes also delivered character, mystery and intrigue while the good use of glow maps displayed well on clothing. Good job Nikolay. We hope you enjoy your complete Green Screen Studio Kit and we look forward to your next creation with real-life actors!

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Director: Nikolay Rusenov

Best Outer Space

Big applause for David-Josué OYOUA who has won the Best Outer Space award with oustanding art direction, impressive futuristic city build and amazing outer space scene creation. David has paid close attention to details, effects and lighting and has also presented a very interesting story plot in his film. Thank you again and we hope to see you again next year.

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Director: David-Josué OYOUA

Best Visual FX

The Best Visual Effects Catergory goes to TXON's Invader. A non-stop action movie with a breathtaking ride of explosions, collapsing buildings and visual effects that has kept us on the edge of our seats. TXON has also made good use of color filters with an interesting mix of saturation and art schemes. Congratulations again !

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Director: TXON

Best Sound FX

Best Sound Effects Prize goes to ProdyBeat and the Suranos Film which has brought sophisticated and detailed audio editing. The film successfully immerses audiences with an engaging music theme, proximity sounds and sound effects. Also, strong ambience effects well simulated the movie's outer space scenes. Great work !

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Director: Prodybeat