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Photographers and Graphic Design artists have always been searching for ways to develop realistic-looking objects with dazzling 3D effects. Some have even gone as far as creating complicated ways to producing 3D Stereo printouts. But what if we told you that you now have an easy and affordable way to doing all of this? Here we introduce a unique 3D tool known as iClone which provides seamless integration with any Photoshop project. With its native real-time 3D engine, iClone provides absolute control to creating, editing and rendering any artwork in real 3D space. Start your journey to making fast, high-quality art productions in a matter of minutes with unbelievable 3D control. Read the benefits and follow the tutorials below to learn how.

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4 Unique Benefits to Using Photoshop with iClone

One-click Solution for 3D Stereo Image Output

Arrange image layers in 3D space and enable the One-click solution, to transform any design into eye-catching Stereoscopic 3D.

Enrich Your Graphics by Importing 3D Content

Export thousands of posable iClone Characters into OBJ format for further editing with Photoshop's 3D paint and customization tools.

Display 2D Images on Dynamic 3D Objects

Drag and drop an image file (JPG/TGA/PNG) onto the surface of any animated 3D object and create a one-of-a-kind dynamic look.

Enhance Your Designs with Real 3D Effects

Use iClone's multiple material channels to create realistic 3D objects with touchable textures and High Dynamic Range visuals.

Tutorials for Photoshop with 3D Creativity

Create Advertisements with 3D Poseable Figurines

No more searching through thousands of stock image libraries to find that one, unique impression that will speak your message. Now you can pose your own 3D figurine. Learn more about creating your own graphic designs with iClone & Mr. Pose content packs.

  Photoshop iClone+Mr.Pose
Poseable 3D Figures X V
Customizable Figure Style X V
Apply texture to 3D Figures X V
Unlimited 3D Library (OBJ) X V (3DXchange)
Turn Your Photoshop Projects into 3D Stereo Printouts

3D Stereo is a hot topic nowadays but few people know any practical applications aside from the entertainment value. Few people also know how 3D Stereo works and how easy it is to use with any Photoshop project. View this tutorial and learn more.

  Photoshop iClone
One-click 3D Stereo Output X V
Arrange layers in real 3D Space X V
Customize Z-order Settings X V
Customize Lighting and Shadows X V
3 Steps to Export Your Photoshop Design in 3D Stereo

In this tutorial, we will demostrate how to export a Photoshop project into Stereoscopic 3D in 3 easy steps: (1) Export your Photoshop images as individual files; (2) Import your images into iClone and organize; (3) Enable the One-click 3D Stereo Output.

  Photoshop iClone
One-click 3D Stereo Output X V
Arrange in real 3D Space X V
Customize Z-order Settings X V
Customize Lighting and Shadows X V
Export OBJ Models to Photoshop for 3D Editing

iClone can export custom 3D content, via 3DXchange, for further editing in Photoshop. 3DXchange can also grant access to an unlimited supply of free 3D content through Google's 3D Warehouse.

  Photoshop iClone+3DXchange
Custom OBJ Content X V
Royalty-free OBJ Content X V
Free Access to Google 3D Warehouse X V

Special Feature

Mr. Pose & Friends is an iClone content pack with fully customizable & poseable 3D figures that include template motions & accessories.

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