Examples of Heartfelt Moments, Click for some story inspiration!
The contestant with the best camera
movements, lens & DOF effects.
  The contestant with the best skills in
lighting, HDR effects & environment.

The contestant who creates the
best character & costume
The contestant who provides the
best facial expressions or voice-
over for the characters.
  The contestant who brings the
most heartfelt moment in their
Period: From 2010/2/10 to 3/15
Submission Deadline: 15th of March 2010 (11:59 p.m. EST)
Qualification: Forum Members who own iClone EX/Trial, Standard, Studio/PRO
Submission Requirement: 1 Video link in YouTube
• Video Length: 30~60 seconds
• The video should contain at least 2 iClone characters with interactive motions
Winner Announcement: 2010/3/31
Wedding Planner Deluxe Combo: $199.95
GI vs. Wehrmacht: $178.50
Machines of War: $199.95
Creature Base: Hundred Year War Theme Pack: $199.95 (List $239.95)
Rockband Total Concert Collection: $159.95 (List $219.85)
Motion Design Elements Collection: $ 249.85