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Bonus Content Overview

CrazyTalk Animator is powered by a unique animation-by-photo technology that can bring any full-body photo to life. The bonus content in BackStage contains a variety of characters and props made up of CG graphics, 2D paintings, real fruit images and puppet photos; as well as animated sketch projects for a hands-on CrazyTalk experience. You may also find lots of great additional content in CrazyTalk Animator’s Backstage. BackStage is an online inventory database which allows any registered CrazyTalk PRO and Standard member to search, download and test any content, directly into their CrazyTalk program. Simply register with a Full version of CrazyTalk Animator and gain instant access to all BackStage bonus content today!

7 Characters + 4 Projects

Stuffed Animals - Safari Band

Safari Band is a group of retired rockin' jungle characters created from original stuffed animals and garage sale garments. I'm serious! This Safari Band contains 3 different styles and personalities that are designed from real material elements such as; stuffed animal body parts, real shirts, evening gowns, skirts and more. They can also be animated with natural hair movements and vivid facial expressions which make animation a snap. Try these characters out and learn how easy it is to create karaoke animal characters with face photos of just about anything, even your own pets!

* Original materials from real stuffed animals

Pumpkin Man

Have you ever thought about animating a fruit? No, of course you didn't. Who in their right mind would? But with CrazyTalk Animator, you may now take a picture of any fruit or vegetable in your house and bring it to life. Take Mr. Pumpkin Man here as an example - before he was just waiting on the counter to be bought and carved up for the holidays, but thanks to CrazyTalk Animator he is now a fully talking, walking animated character with a new lease on life!

CG Character - Humpy & Lumpy

If you are a computer graphic designer, then you may bring out all your original CG creations and have them take over the world. If you DON'T have any original CG creations, well don't worry... as anyone can visit CrazyTalk's BackStage to find just about anything from cool vector-based comics to the awesome egg brothers. These two 'bros' are a great example of CG created characters that can be easily animated with dramatic facial expressions and varying personalities. They are also designed as non-standard characters, which might not be suitable for human motions, but nonetheless great for frame animation.

CG Character - The Queen

The Queen is another CG style character with a richly designed double-chin that would make any pug jealous! She is designed as a non-standard character with no legs. Why no legs you ask? Well I don't know, I guess because when you see a chin like that you'd rather keep everything hidden. You see what I did there? But never mind that, because what you won't find hidden are the great downloadable bonus content packs designed exclusively for all your CrazyTalk Animator needs. Log in, and acquire all your free bonus packs from the BackStage service today!

Globetrotter Project X 4

Globetrotter is a wonderful showcase story that demostrates how to produce an animated story with flexible actor transformation, style change, scenery switching, comic special effects and more. Find the 1st Globetrotter project embedded inside CrazyTalk Animator and gather ideas on how to make your own! If you wish to learn more on how this project was created, then there are 4 additional projects for free download in CrazyTalk's BackStage.