Christmas Bonus for CrazyTalk Animators

This holiday bonus includes:

3 x Greeting Projects
2 x Claus Characters (Mr. & Ms.)
2 x Christmas Hats
1 x Christmas Scene (20 Props)

In this bonus package, you may find 3 greeting projects; 2 Claus characters with Christmas hats, and 1Christmas scene with 20 customizable props which can be further customized. This bonus pack can work in CrazyTalk Animator Trial, Standand or PRO version. You may also check out the cool benefits below. View Screenshot

* This bonus is for CrazyTalk Animator (Trial/Full)
Benefit 1

Flexibly reconstruct scenes by drag-n-dropping project elements

Benefit 2

Compatible with any face photo for the body character templates

Benefit 3

Customizable body and facial animations in the existing projects