Video Showcase

Here you can find several wonderful user showcases made in our previous SketchUp & iClone event. Each video presents the before & after concept so you can realize how iClone can enrich your model in SketchUp.

Seaside Villa

Author: Stuckon3d

Veteran iClone trainer Stuckon3D takes the top prize with this gorgeous rendition of a peaceful seaside villa. This is a prime example of exceptional production effort with both programs, and the attention to subtle details and overall mood makes this video our top choice.

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Wayfarer Inn

Author: Small Wonder Studio

This entry put a little story behind the model and took us on a journey through the seasons at the Wayfarer Inn. The sharp use of lighting and atmospheric effects took this quaint little inn from a simple SketchUp model to a warm and inviting place for the weary to rest their heads.

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Summer Hideaway

Author: Wolfzone

We could almost smell the BBQ as we drifted through the tranquil and lush wooded environment which provided the ideal accompaniment for a stunning model that was immaculately textured and beautifully lit.

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Image Showcase

Van Gogh's Bedroom at Arles. Remix

Author: Kurzal

Kurzal shows us his prowess with texturing and keen eye for lighting in this Van Gogh re-creation. In a passing glance, it's difficult to tell where the genuine artwork begins and computer graphics end. A fitting tribute from one great artist to another.
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Ancient Ruins

Author: Maciej Przystalski

A completely immersive image drew us in to the mystery and beauty of this model of half-submerged ruins from eras long gone. The reflections and detailed lighting bring it to life and emanate an alluring aura. Truly the stuff adventure movies are made of.

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Water House

Author: Dave Haden

This expression of modern architecture and futuristic design drew our attention with detailed texturing, a spectacular background, and very suitable lighting. This image could no doubt make anyone think twice about building their house on the water.

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