How to Re-touch your SketchUp Model

iClone is the first application which can work with the models created from Google™ SketchUp perfectly. By working with SketchUp (FREE edition), iClone users can turn the models in Google SketchUp (save as SketchUp6 .skp) to iClone through 3DXchange. Furthermore, any iClone user can download tons of 3D models (.skp) from Google 3D Warehouse for FREE. Whether you are a 3D modeler or not, you can turn any simple shape or model into incredible visual experience in iClone.

iClone & SketchUp Pipeline Tutorial

Here are a tons of pipeline tutorials for you to understand how it works from basic to advanced level, such as import a model, resize & scale, edge smooth, texture tiling & offset, sub group, pivot setting and more.

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Create or Download SketchUp Model

You can build custom 3D models using line, arc, rectangle, push/pull tools, or easily customize any downloaded models from the Google 3D warehouse using Google Sketchup.

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Refine the Model with Material, Lighting & Shadow

With multi-channels for materials, you can take any plain interior design, and add realistic visual quality!

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Build Environment with Terrain, Tree & Flora

Create terrains with various gradients and then with iClone, add water, plant life and stones to create breath-taking scenery!

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Animate Your SketchUp Model

With Google 3D Warehouse and iClone, you can take any vehicle model and add typical distinctive animation.

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iClone Architecture Showcase

Interior Elements
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This props pack is designed especially for residential decoration purposes which includes almost the required construction materials for interior decoration design.

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Pre-visualize Your Interior Scene

This is a quick overview of the process for building sets using Google Sketchup and then importing and finishing the process in iClone.

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Time of Day

A great navigation tour for 3D lanscape, architexture and natural environment with different lighting effects and camera angles during a period of time.

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Interior Design with Virtual Actor Navigation

Plan interior spaces starting from a clean room. Add 3D furniture models and lighting fixtures to experiment with variety of layouts and moods.

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