Our Story

Twenty years ago we launched Reallusion and started a journey together to help people enter the world of animation. The Real-time Revolution began with a mission to open the threshold to a new era of creators.

The beginning of our story starts with a whole new way of storytelling. First we introduced the power to make any image talk with CrazyTalk, the photo animation flagship that started it all. Rapid character creation, facial animation, and lip sync technology innovation became the core components to the tools. This grew beyond 2D animation fueling the efforts to apply the same simple, yet powerful approach to bringing our 3D animation tools to the product family. It’sMe, a 3D character creation and animation experiment gave way to iClone, Character Creator and groundbreaking motion capture, animation, and a real-time pipeline that is now behind $200 million dollar films like the 2021 release of The Suicide Squad, while empowering independent creators, students, and studios with the same technology.

Over the last 20 years we have developed solutions, partnerships and many outstanding relationships with the mission in mind to deliver a total 2D and 3D animation pipeline that is accessible to all. We are so enthusiastic about the future and the breakthroughs for us all in the next 20 years. This is truly an amazing time to be a storyteller and may we together continue to write and animate the story of our lives.

What Loyal Users Say

I don't remember exactly how, but I discovered iClone about 16 years ago. Version 1.5 had just come out. I had used other 3D programs before, but the ease of use of iClone appealed to me. Since I have been with iClone so long, I could grow and learn while features were being added. I have also been stubborn in trying to stay within iClone as much as possible. With the addition of the very capable Character Creator, I can create customized characters with ease. Also, the native renderer keeps improving.

- Job van Zuijlen -

I am now almost 65 years old and I have Semantic dementia which got me to retire from my job as a computer programer boss. But me doing things I want to do is still fine for me and the biggest things for me now are:

Making movies in iClone
Making characters in CC is big for me
Making models in Blender for use in CC and iClone
Using 3DXchange for loading my props for iClone

- Graham -

I came across a software package called Effect3D. It was amazing software that was easy enough to learn, and powerful enough for me to achieve the tasks required easily.

After successfully achieving my goals I kept a close eye on Reallusion. Sure enough they later released a packaged called It’s Me. I remember amazing my friends and family with little moving versions of themselves. Each new product release always manages to create something unique and powerful not found with any other software package.

- David -

Congratulations on 20 years.

What attracted me to your early products was the uniqueness of what they could do. Emotion3D and CrazyTalk were the original products I started with. I liked the idea and ease for which you could choreograph a picture appear to talk. My husband and I had a lot of hours of fun generating talking pictures.

- Lisa Proch -

Nearly 20 years ago, I was pondering how to create a unique keepsake for my first nephew's wedding. Video montages were fairly novel in those days, but I still wanted something more magical. I tried animating the couple, but couldn't pull off the artistry or the technology. I happened upon Reallusion's "It's Me" software. Magic? Oh, yes. A photo of the couple, a whack on the head by a lovely fairy and, like magic, the couple came to life in a cloud of fairy dust. I still remember the sound of that wedding crowd exploding with delight.

- Kathy Wellington -

Inspiring Animation Innovation

Throughout the journey, we're honored to have all the support and help from amazing artists and developers as well as various industries.

Thank you to all our loyal fans and here’s to the next 20 years!
We sincerely invite you to create with us and continue the real-time journey together.