Congratulations to all the finalists! All finalists have been invited to attend the 48-hour live contest at National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, Taiwan.

Country: Taiwan
School: 世新大學-數媒系遊戲組
Team: 沒有隊伍名稱
Members: 魏斈穎
Teacher: 劉明昆
Work Name: 沒有人能找到藍色食蟻獸,沒有!!!
Work Introduction:
就算是寫完兩百字的Work Introduction還加了顏文字,也絕對沒有!!!
Country: Taiwan
School: 龍華科技大學-多媒體與遊戲發展科學系
Team: Two Souls
Members: 林祖弘、邱韋皓
Teacher: 陳志銘
Work Name: Family
Work Introduction:
Country: Taiwan
School: 元智大學-資訊傳播學系
Team: 5405
Members: 劉奕宏、張家豪、冀擎
Teacher: 張世明
Work Introduction:
在未來的世界中,石油汙染了大部分的土壤,據說 可以利用最後一株綠草為根,延伸養分跟周邊的植物......
Country: Taiwan
School: 正修科技大學-數位多媒體
Team: 打打花花
Members: 李郁潔、蕭德芳、張育庭
Teacher: 陳志浩
Work Name: 包容與拯救
Work Introduction:
Country: Japan
School: Kanagawa Institute of Technology-Information Media
Team: Crazy Dada
Members: Hirotaka Sasame, Takumi Matumoto, Ryo Nakamura
Teacher: Nahomi Maki
Work Name: Fateful Day
Work Introduction:
Fateful events occurs to "standing old man" in our latest work "Fateful Day". The old man is just standing to wait for signal. But this moment takes him to bad future. This is a typical example of "Fateful" and we want to say that every day's a moment can be fateful moment to everyone. We make first part and second part in this work in order to made audience feel like good deals. We want examiner to check all character's face expression especially.
Country: Malaysia
School: Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology-Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
Team: SAW
Members: Lee Xin Le, Wong Ying Hong, Yap Kah Ying
Teacher: Che Samihah Binti Che Dalim
Work Name: Train of Life
Work Introduction:
A story about life is not about prosperity and reputation, but the value of family and friends. A train accident happened that made the main character realised that he had done many mistakes in his life, especially to his mother.