Evaluation Standards

Live Contest Judges

Professor Ken Watanabe

Japan, Tokyo University of Technology, School of Media Science

Kenji participated in JCGL, the 1st CG production ever in Japan. Worked in prominent Japanese game company like Namco as CG producer and Director. Assist to establish several CG related events like Hamakuri and Co-Festa by DCAJ. Involved in the production of various TV commercial, TV animation for NHK and local TV stations. Also as producer for the famous Ultraman Cosmos TV series. He also personally produced short film “Rise in the World”. As an educator he has been teaching at several Japanese universities.

Professor Jack Shih

Taiwan, Taipei University of the Arts, Chair of Animation Faculty

Jack studied at CalArts for experimental animation and Pratt Institute for Computer Art. He is now teaching animation as head of animation department of National Taipei University of the Art and working as an independent animation filmmaker for over a decade. He is consistently making efforts for the original animation developments in Taiwan. His previous films were honored by various international film festivals, including Golden Horse Film Award, Taipei Film Award, four times Golden Harvest Awards, and U.S. TV Emmy Awards.

Professor TY Hou

Taiwan I-SHOU University, Chair of Film Faculty

George after graduating from NYU he quickly became a public servant, responsible the PR and official activity of Kaohsiung County government. Later on he started his teaching career in Dept of Mass Communication at ISU, focusing on feature films and TV program production. He has been assisting performance group to adopt advanced animation technology to further enhance on-stage effects. He was also responsible to establish a short film competition, which has been a on-going major event since 2004, for Kaohsiung City Government. George Went on to establish Film & TV Dept in ISU in 2011 and served as 1st chairman.

Professor Charles

China, Beijing Kede College of Capital Normal University

Charles obtained his degree from Beijing Film Academy. Recognized as “Training Expert for Design and Creativity”. Has been with various universities and institutes lecturing animation, and also serve as official trainer for iClone and Virtool. His publications include “History of Chinese Animation”, “Art History of World Animation” etc.