Congratulations to all the finalists! All submission works scored above 250 points by ASIAGRAPH have been selected as the finalists to attend the 48-hour live contest in Taiwan, I-Sou University.
In order to encourage all participants’ passion on 3D animation, we added the “Good Works” awards in the qualification round to feature participants’ diverse creativity and animation skills.

All the finalists and nominees of the “Good Works” award will:

Country: China
School: Xiamen Jimei Vocational Technology Educational School
Members: 张辉
Teacher: 赵泉
Work name:
Country: Taiwan
School: Cheng Shiu University
Members: 謝卉祈、李蘭曛、楊儀璟
Teacher: 陳玉珠
Work name: Yearning
Country: Taiwan
School: Kun Shan University
Members: 許哲維、李銘峰、翁文頴
Teacher: 張世熙
Work name: 無限的愛
Country: Japan
School: Digital Hollywood University
Members: Miura Hikari, Ota Anna, Yamazaki Yuhei
Teacher: Yamamoto Koji
Work name: LIFE STEP
Country: Korea
School: Hansung University
Members: Nostalgia Hyo-joo Seok, So-yong Shim, Young-eun Seo
Teacher: An Young-geun
Work name: Nostalgia
Country: Taiwan
School: Cheng Shiu University
Members: 郭孟杰、胡躍騰、郭旭庭
Teacher: 陳玉珠
Work name: Invsiible Burden
Country: China
School: 福建建材工业学校
Members: 李家城
Teacher: 陈德民
Work name: 原来,一直有束光