Congratulations to all the finalists! All submission works scored above 250 points by ASIAGRAPH have been selected as the finalists to attend the 48-hour live contest in Taiwan, I-Sou University.
In order to encourage all participants’ passion on 3D animation, we added the “Good Works” awards in the qualification round to feature participants’ diverse creativity and animation skills.

All the finalists and nominees of the “Good Works” award will:

Country: Taiwan
School: Shih Hsin University
Members: 田曜銜、黃建豪、張文瑜
Teacher: 劉明昆
Work name: Knocking Girl
Country: Taiwan
School: Wu Feng University
Members: 柯薇渟、劉于誠、鄭皓文、
Teacher: 謝定助
Work name: Death Chase
Country: Taiwan
School: Kun Shan University
Members: 陳佑杰、蔡銘源、曾毓婷
Teacher: 張世熙
Work name: 妹妹揹著洋娃娃