Congratulations to all the finalists! All submission works scored above 250 points by ASIAGRAPH have been selected as the finalists to attend the 48-hour live contest in Taiwan, I-Sou University.
In order to encourage all participants’ passion on 3D animation, we added the “Good Works” awards in the qualification round to feature participants’ diverse creativity and animation skills.

All the finalists and nominees of the “Good Works” award will:

Country: Taiwan
School: Taipai National University of the Arts
Members: 吳佳旭、陳承佑
Teacher: Ron Norman
Work name: Surrounded
Country: Taiwan
School: Nanhua University
Members: 姜育良
Teacher: 洪銘建
Work name: 一念之差
Country: Japan
School: Edogawa University
Members: 宮本育実、高田侑真、中津祐亮
Teacher: 内藤和明
Work name: 世の中の大人たち
Country: Taiwan
School: Cheng Shiu University
Members: 林丞訓
Teacher: 陳玉珠
Work name: 怒火
Country: China
School: Xiamen Electronic Vocational School
Members: 张国霖、苏舒婷、潘尚福
Teacher: 谷林玉
Work name: