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10 Tutorials to Jumpstart Your First Animated Story

These tutorials will give you the perfect introduction and help you get started by learning about creating your first custom character, importing in scene props and setting up your scene, as well as the first basic steps in character animation. 10 easy-to-understand introductory videos will guide you through the entire learning process, letting you have a solid foundation to start from.

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Get the iClone5 Know-How with 28 Descriptive Functions

Systematically learn iClone animation with 7 main categories:

  • Production Environment
  • Digital Actor
  • Smart Animation
  • Interactive Props
  • Camera & Lighting
  • Visual Effects
  • Render & Output

You'll learn about the tools and features of your production environment in addition to everything you wanted to know about the timeline, prop/character animation, and more! Ever wanted to create your own character from scratch? The actor creation tutorials in this section detail everything you need to know about character creation in iClone. Learn how to create comical projects from your 3D content and customize everything! Finally, this section also includes the animation knowledge that will give your productions a more polished and dynamic feel!

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5 Classic iClone4 Tutorials

This section contains bonus iClone4 tutorials that cover various special topics relating to iClone content and capabilities. You'll find out how to do everything from making your own character costumes using CloneCloth templates to the basics of 3D rendering, as well as how to utilize our various 3D Video FX content packs. These are some important tutorials that you won't want to miss!

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4 Certified Trainers’ Quality Tuts Included

In order to enrich your experience learning iClone, we have included some targeted tutorials from some of our most veteran developers. This is your chance to learn from the pros! Within these tutorials, you will discover some useful and practical tips that they have perfected with their years of experience using iClone.

▌Mark Pleasant ▌M. D. McCallum (Warlord)
Mark Pleasant is the owner of Small Wonder Studio, which began back in 1973 doing film/video production work, as well as music videos, documentary films, and other corporate productions. Graphic production and animation services were added to the mix around 1989. He received a regional Emmy award for his design and direction of a series of aimated TV spots for Viacom Inc. in 1996. Mark's iClone works are exceptional for their professional use of camerawork, special effects, and excellent cinematography. Mike McCallum describes himself as a "technophile and a fan of CG animation and machinima." He has participated and coordinated frequently with other iClone users on team projects and has been on many award winning production efforts. He would like to make it clear that his nickname 'Warlord' is from an old Dungeons & Dragons name from his college days at Texas Tech University, and has nothing to do with war or a love of war, despite the fact that a lot of his animations deal with the subject.
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▌Mitch Gould (Paumanok West) ▌Althea Dubowec (Alley)
Mitch Gould is an experienced iClone and CrazyTalk developer who has a markedly unique production style and often focuses on the cartoon capabilities of Reallusion software. Mitch founded General Picture in 1990 to accompany the release of his first book, "Mastering Animator". He specializes in design and animation using the Adobe and Reallusion creative suites, with a special interest in "3D for 2D" animation.   Althea Dubowec is from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. She has been interested in video editing for several years and became interested in animation. She has spent over 25 years in the print production, marketing and graphic arts industries and has recently expanded her business to include video production.
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