Training DVD Index
10 Quick-fix Tutorials
5 iClone4 Tutorials

28 How-to Tutorials

Total time length: 4.5 hours

You’ll learn about the tools and features of your production environment in addition to everything you wanted to know about the timeline, prop/character animation, and more! Ever wanted to create your own character from scratch? The actor creation tutorials in this section detail everything you need to know about character creation in iClone. Learn how to create comical projects from your 3D content and customize everything! Finally, this section also includes the animation knowledge that will give your productions a more polished and dynamic feel!

Production Environment
  • Intro to Production Environment
  • Intro to Timeline
  • Object Movement & Manipulation
Digital Actor
  • Character Customization
  • Turning a 2D Photo into a 3D Head
  • iClone Character Types
Smart Animation
  • Intro to Facial Animation
  • Intro to Human IK
  • Human IK and Prop Interaction
  • Intro to MixMoves
  • Intro to Body Puppet Motion
  • Path Animation
    (by Mark Pleasant)
  • Linking vs. Attaching
  • (by M. D. McCallum)
Interactive Props
  • Intro to Physics
  • Physics 101 - Dynamic and Static Interaction
  • Physics 201 - Kinematic Objects Interaction
  • Physics 301 - Soft-body Physics
  • Prop Puppet
  • Intro to iProps
Camera & Lighting
  • Intro to Cameras
  • Intro to Lighting System
  • Cameras Tell the Story: Using Multiple Cameras
    (by Mark Pleasant)
  • Depth of Field
    Mark Pleasant)
Visual Effects
  • Everything about Particles Part I
  • (by M. D. McCallum)
  • Everything about Particles Part II
  • (by M. D. McCallum)
  • Toon Shader Part I: Intro to Toon Shader
  • (by Mitch Gould)
  • Toon Shader Part II: Character Design
  • (by Mitch Gould)
Render & Output
  • Intro to Render & Output Application