Warm up with a 30 sec-dance video!

Have no idea what to animate? How about taking part in this warm-up event to boost your inspiration? In this warm-up event, every two weeks we'll provide a theme for you to submit bi-weekly. Simply submit a 30-second video and get the chance to win the latest Street Dance content packs or equivalent DA points.

(Note: The teaser entries for this will only win the content packs or DA points, not for the award consideration. To submit a full length dance video, please visit Entry page. )

Animal Dance Famous Dance Toon Avatar Dance

Submit to win Street Dance – Girl Style Content Pack

Streetdance Pack – Girl Style (or 4000 DA points )

How to win it?

Submit your dance video with toon avatars. Once your video is featured in the section below, you'll win the prize.

Theme: Toon Avatar Dance
Submission Deadline: Dec 2nd


In this theme, simply grab a toon avatar, and choose your dance motions to make it dance funny or cool!


  1. Video Length: less than 30 seconds (suggested)
  2. Participants must use iClone in the creation of their movie
  3. The video must contain at least one toon character.
  4. Participants must upload the video to YouTube Vimeo or any other free video sharing platforms. and complete the submission form.

Entries from Round 3 Theme: Toon Avatar Dance

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Video Title: Saint Seiya Dance

Director: mike wu


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Video Title: iclone dance animation - toon dance - monster mash

Director: Tami Parrington

Toon dance video to Bobby Picket's Monster Mash

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Video Title: Clown

Director: Helga Schliephacke

The lovely clown from marketplace finds an iceball in the winterforest

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Video Title: Toon avatar dance - 2

Director: Rade Dicoski (dicho)

round 3: Toon avatar dance 2
Only with toon standard human characters for iClone 5. Music: Rednex - Cotton eye Joe (whole song)

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Video Title: Disco Toons

Director: duchess110

Jimmy Toon and the crew do disco.

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Video Title: Toon Dance - Bye Have a Happy Day

Director: Russell Boyd

Fun animation of kids and flying saucers! Fun for kids to watch and dance and sing along. Sung by kids for kids! Love to Sing songs are for parents, teachers and most importantly children.

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