1. Get New Content

Reallusion has just released the latest G5 New Gen characters and Street Dance motion packs. These packs are your best choices for creating the most eye-catching dance videos. There are also additional collections which will help your dance video production. So don't miss out on trying these packs and grabbing what the content you need.

2. Get the Program

If you don't have iClone5 yet, then now is the best time for you to become an iCloner! We currently have a special bundle offer with Street Dance motion packs for this competition. With this bundle, you will be able to experience the speed of real-time production while getting the chance to win a prize and notoriety with a dance video!

3. iClone Tutorials

Before you start to produce your animated video, we suggest that you first check out some tutorials to quickly give you ideas on how to make dance videos with iClone5. You may visit the training resource page for more info.