Warm up with a 30-second dance video!

Having trouble deciding what to animate? How about taking part in this warm-up event to boost your inspiration? In this event, every two weeks we'll provide a theme for you to try out. Simply submit a 30-second video and get the chance to win the latest Street Dance content packs or equivalent DA points.

(Note: The teaser entries will only win the content packs or DA points. These entries will not apply for award consideration. To submit a full length dance video, please visit Entry page. )

Animal Dance Famous Toon Avatar Dance

Submit to win Street Dance Locking Content Pack

Prize for Round 1:
Streetdance Locking Content Pack (or 4,000 DA points )

How to win it?

Submit your video with dancing animals. Once your video is featured in the section below, you will win the prize.

Theme: Animal Dance
Submission Deadline: Nov. 4th, 2012


For this theme, simply grab an animal avatar and choose any dance motions to make a funny or cool video.


  1. Video Length: less than 30 seconds (suggested)
  2. Participants must use iClone in the creation of their movie.
  3. The video must contain at least one animal character.
  4. Participants must upload their video to YouTube, Vimeo or any other free video sharing platform and complete the submission form. (The video name title must begin with the text “iClone Animal Dance - ”)

Entries from Round 1 - Animal Dance


Video Title: DINO ROCK

Director: mike wu


Watch Video

Video Title: iClone Animal Dance - House Mouse

Director: Tobias Kolodziey

Short House Mouse Dance :)

Watch Video

Video Title: iClone Animal Dance hj

Director: Hans Jörgen Wevers

Teaser Animal Dance hj

Watch Video

Video Title: Yoshi Dancing

Director: norman vega

Teaser for round 1: Animal Dance

Watch Video

Video Title: iClone Animal Dance

Director: norte43

from Round 1 - Animal Dance

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