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Best 2D/3D Animation Tool Kits

iClone5 & CrazyTalk Animator Bundle
  The best selling applications of 2012! Get this bundle to start your adventure in the realms of 2D & 3D animation!
List $379.90

Facial Animation – CrazyTalk Family

CrazyTalk Standard Starter Bundle

Start your CrazyTalk7 project with the help of Starter Kit-Entry Level to boost your creativity instantly. Experience the state-of-the-art auto motion technology with the complete library.

List $94.89
CrazyTalk PRO Starter Bundle

The Starter Kit Complete Suite empowers your animation skills to PRO level! Extend your content library with professional facial expression motion clips and social emoticons.

List $289.70

2D Animation – CrazyTalk Animator Family

CrazyTalk Animator STD - STARTER

This Starter Kit bundle offers an easy-to-follow route for 2D animation beginners, with an innovative character generation system and real-time animation puppet tools, that make creating animation fast and fun!

List $223.20
CrazyTalk Animator PRO Bundle

This Power Tool bundle pack provides an essential content library to maximize your animation capabilities. Bring actors to life with automatic facial animations & an innovative motion puppeteering system!

List $477.05

Most Recommended Content Collection for CrazyTalk Animator Users

3D Animation – iClone Family

iClone5 Standard Starter Bundle

Get started in 3D animation production with this introductory bundle to iClone which includes; 10 characters, 43 motions and 99 props for beginners. It's the most affordable bundle to get you started on the path to 3D storytelling!

List $259.80
iClone5 PRO Mocap Solution

With iClone5 PRO and the Mocap Plug-in, you can use your own body to control virtual actors in real-time and create your own original motions for your next production. This is the 1st in-house mocap studio that allows you to bring motion data to your characters, seamlessly.

List $399.85

iClone5 Best Character Collection

This collection includes all of the newest Next Gen G5 characters from Reallusion, that you can use in your next production! These characters provide better head meshes and body bones for more natural facial and body animation. The CloneCloth templates also let you create your own unique costume designs for your characters.

List $699.70
iClone Animation Pipeline

This comprehensive package contains 3 major tools for CG and game production: iClone for animation production; 3DXchange for open format conversion (OBJ/FBX/BVH) and the Mocap Plug-in for live motion capture. Every tool you need to create and customize your own content is right here!

List $899.80

Most Recommended Content Collection for iClone5 Users

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