Reallusion will be releasing its next super weapon for iClone5 - 3DXchange 5, in early Q2 of 2012. One of the most significant features is the capability to bring into iClone any bi-ped character from other 3D software like DAZ4, Maya, MotionBuilder, 3ds Max (Standard bone, Character Studio), and also human motions from FBX and BVH mocap files. To complete the animation pipeline, 3DX5 will also be able to export characters and motions to other 3D tools and video game engines through FBX and BVH formats. This will open up a whole new world for iClone users and content developers!

3 New Benefits in 3DXchange 5.0

Bring in any Character and Motion from external popular tools

With its built-in characterization panel, users may convert exteranl characters and motions into iClone via FBX and BVH format. This means that you will be able to use powerful motion tools inside iClone like body puppeteering, MixMoves and Kinect mocap to animate any character from Daz, Maya, and 3ds Max in a heartbeat.

Export FBX & BVH
for CG & game platform

Character animators and game designers now benefit from real-time actors and motion creation tools. 3DXchange5 allows for character and motion export to any CG or video game platform.

Turn any prop into a human bone-structure character

Characterization makes any character possible! Use any prop to assemble your characters with human hierarchy, and turn them into action-ready characters.

Pipeline Demo Video

Import Daz Genesis characters into iClone

Now animators can import DAZ Genesis characters for use in iClone. Users can bring their own DAZ characters into 3DXchange5, in FBX format, and later convert them into non-standard characters for iClone. Once your characters are converted into iAvatar formats, then you can animate them with motion puppeteering, MixMoves and even the iClone Mocap plug-in for authentic in-house motion building. Lower your polygon count with the DAZ Decimator plug-in and enjoy real-time animations with iClone!

Import (Daz) BVH Motion into iClone

Now, any BVH motion file can be brought into iClone! With the new motion re-targeting feature inside 3DXchange5, iClone standard characters can now enjoy a variety of motions from external animation libraries and online resources. 3DXchange5 also allows for simultaneous import of various motions in one quick step. Once you finish bone mapping your character, then the motions inside your character's bone structure can be easily imported with preset bone templates.

Import Maya characters to iClone

High-end animators listen up, because iClone5 now incorporates a new comprehensive Human IK engine. Thanks to 3DXchange5, now you can import any HIK system character into iClone5. During the conversion process, simply follow the quick bone mapping process, test your character with the preview motions and you are ready to start motion building with iClone's real-time 3D engine and massive motion content library.

Import Motion Builder characters to iClone

Motion Builder users can also take advantage of iClone5. Motion Builder characters, and their motions, can be brought into 3DXchange4 via FBX format. Inside 3DX5, simply choose the HIK preset template and proceed to convert your character and motions for iClone. Animators can then apply their newly imported motions to other iClone characters or mix and combine them with iClone body puppeteering or other mocap data.

Characterize Quadruped Animals for iClone

Have a zoo filled with quadruped animals? Well now you can turn them into biped characters to walk and perfom like a human actor. Import bone-skinned quadruped animals into 3DXchange5, give them a T-pose and use the built-in motion editor to adjust the bone mapping. Characterizing for iClone has never been so fun and easy, thanks to the new characterization panel built right into 3DXchange5.

Characterize Free Hierarchy Actors for iClone

Also can import bone-skinned characters via FBX or iProp formats. Once converted into non-standard iClone characters, they can proceed to select each individual bone to complete the human bone mapping process. Detailed finger bones are also included in the characterization panel found inside 3DXchange5. Users can test character postures with preset motions, in order to make adjustments as they go.

iClone's versatile animation pipeline brings real-time animation tools and 3D content to game development, CG animation and simulation. Users can animate characters with motion puppeteering panels, and then blend them with Kinect real-time motion capturing to build their own motion library. Then convert and export characters, models and motions from iClone to game engines like Unity3D or other 3D software.


3DXchange5 Version Comparison

3DXchange5 will come in three versions - The Standard and PRO versions will be available during the 1st-stage launch. The Pipeline version will be released upon the launch of 3DXchange's 5.1 update which will allow for facial morph characterization (every 5.0 purchase user will get a free patch update to 5.1 in June; facial characterization feature is available in PRO & Pipeline versions). Please see the table on the right for more information.
  Standard PRO Pipeline
Import 3DS, OBJ, SKP V V V
Import FBX, BVH X V V
Export FBX, BVH X X V
Release Date April April June
Reference Price $ 99.95 $ 199.95 $ 499.95



From now on until the official launch date, any new purchasers of 3DXchange4 (full/upgrade) will be eligible for a free copy of 3DXchange5 Standard or PRO. A free copy of 3DXchange5 will be delivered to their email inbox within 3 working days after the April launch (you may claim your free copy by the order email if you don't receive it then). Standard and PRO purchase users will get a premium price deal in order to upgrade to the Pipeline version if they later choose to do so (the upgrade price will be $299.95; no additional cost).

3DXchange4 Standalone

3DXchange4 is a model conversion and editing tool that connects iClone to unlimited 3D content via 3DS, OBJ, Google SKP, and FBX formats. Know More

iClone5 + 3DXchange4 Bundle

This bundle includes iClone5 PRO, 3DXchange4 PRO and a free bonus "Designers' Resource Pack". 3DXchange4 supports all the features exporting content for iClone. Know More

Box_3DX4 Standard PRO
$99.95 $149.95
  Bundle Price
$349.90 $279.90