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8 Import Pipeline Tutorials

In these tutorials, you will learn the various ways to import your character models, motions, and other content from your software of choice into iClone. From there, you’ll be able to utilize the various powerful tools in iClone to create your own awesome animations!

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10 Export Pipeline Tutorials

You might be aware that iClone has some killer content that is just waiting to be used in your external projects. In this section, you’ll learn how to export premium models and motions created by Reallusion and skilled developers to use in your CG/animation software of choice.

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3 Re-edit Pipeline Tutorials

Thanks to the universal format compatibility of 3DXchange5, users are now able to freely import/export content to and from a number of different CG graphics programs. This section will give you some examples of ways you can utilize this pipeline to customize and edit your content for use in iClone or the software of your choice.

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23 General Function Tutorials

There are quite a few important basic concepts and operations that you’ll need to be aware of when first starting up with 3DXchange5. The videos in this section will give you an overall introduction to the basics that you’ll need to get your feet on the ground.

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