Training DVD Index
10 Export Pipeline Tutorials
3 Re-edit Pipeline
23 General function

8 Import Pipeline Tutorials

Total time length: 28 minutes

In these tutorials, you will learn the various ways to import your character models, motions, and other content from your software of choice into iClone. From there, you’ll be able to utilize the various powerful tools in iClone to create your own awesome animations!

  • Importing Motion Builder
    Characters to iClone
  • Importing BVH Motions to iClone
    via Daz Studio
  • Importing FBX Motions to iClone
    via 3DS Max
  • Importing Daz Genesis Characters to iClone
  • Importing 3ds Max Characters to iClone
  • Importing Maya Characters into iClone
  • Importing Blender Characters into iClone
  • Importing Maya Non-human Character to iClone