1. Buy 1 Get 2
This is once in blue moon offer to get 2 amazing products (iClone4 and iClone5) at a single price! Additional iClone4 license can be used in other PC or as the gift for your friend and family.

2. The Lowest Cost
This is the best deal you will find, GUARANTEED! You wonˇ¦t find a better deal once the product launches. If you already have iClone 1, 2 or 3, you are then eligible to get a half-price discount to upgrade to iClone4, and subsequently get iClone5 for free. Also, once you get iClone5, you will be able to enjoy future discounts for iClone5 content in the future.

3. iClone4 Compliments iClone5
iClone5 has the same production logic and user interface as iClone4, plus some new and revamped additional features. We highly recommend that beginners start off with iClone4 and later graduate to iClone5, since there is already tons of user videos and freely available materials on the Internet. All of this can quickly help you learn iClone4 in preparation for iClone5.

4. The Best Timing
Reallusion is opening the flood gates by offering this one-of-a-kind opportunity to get a full version product by simply purchasing content (accumulated content value of $199.95 or more; this promotion ends on Sep 15th). If you are a CrazyTalk (Animator) user, then you can increase your content library with additional 3D tools since both CrazyTalk and iClone can be used together. If you arenˇ¦t looking for any new content, then you can still purchase some DA points for a rainy day. Purchased DA points will also accumulate for a free iClone5!