If you have other destructible props and you want to change how the prop breaks,
you can use iClone 3DXchange to process it,
and import them into IC5 to generate the desired animation.
1. Import the destructible prop into 3DXchange
2. Choose every object and execute Make Sub-Prop to separate each object.
3. Export it to make a new prop
4. Apply the prop in IC5, set physics attributes to the objects that will break as pictures below:
  1.State→Frozen 2.Bounding Settings→Bound Type→Self Mesh
5. Set the below attributes to the objects that will not break:
  1.State→Static 2.Bounding Settings→Bound Type→Self Mesh
6. After the physics attributes of all the objects are set,
  you can start testing the destructible prop.
  Set Dynamic or Kinematic to another prop that will apply force to text it.
You will find the objects not be able to fall on the ground.
  You will need to change the Pivot.
  Set the pivot of all the objects will break to center.
  You will get the correct animation.