Reallusion proudly presents some funky new fashions from some of our most prolific iClone designers. These bonus outfits are provided to give you a range of trendy options for the new G5 character set. Along with this unique collection are a number of various character props as well, from iPads to earrings. If you like a developer’s style, make sure you check out their store in the City Marketplace for a whole lot more.

* The profile info of the following developers are updated on 2011 Sep. Click "Know More" to get more ideas about these great artists.
Cypher Wolf brings you the absolute latest in fashion! His fresh styles range from dark gothic garb to anime themes and college wear. To deck out your characters in the latest trendy styles, you need look no further than Cypher Wolf’s up-to-the-minute take on iClone fashion.
Fashion Alley is your destination for literally any style you can think of… and if Alley doesn’t have it, just make a request and she can custom design a costume or outfit for you. Alley is a decorated designer who has published fashion tutorial videos and won numerous rewards for her creative designs. The Fashion Alley is definitely a must-see if you’re looking for iClone fashions.
Duchess Designs is one of iClone’s most venerable names in fashion. Award winning costume designer Duchess knows her way around iClone cloth, and her unique designs have been established on the Reallusion marketplaces for years. If you are in need of that special outfit for your character, make sure you check out Duchess Designs; you might just find exactly what you’re looking for!
Despite the name, the chic designs in Shygirl’s Shoppe are anything but coy. From club and college wear to fantasy outfits, Shy’s designs turn heads. Check out the designs in her shop; you’ll soon find out the reason why this veteran iClone developer is one of our featured artists.
Besides the new G5 outfits from the talented developers, you will also be able to access to the G3 classical characters Trey, Violet, Trinity, Kane, Benny and CloneBot Zack. These characters are all designed with a complete set of Persona motions so you can expand your character and motin library with these wonderful classical content.