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The Reallusion Animation Salad Competition offers a variety of award prizes from several branded sponsors. Each video submission will be screened here in the Video area. Finalists will be eligible to compete for the award prizes. A total of 21 award prizes will be allocated for 'General Entries' and 'Campus Entries' according to the table below. You may see the award category, prize and criteria below.

Award Prize Judge Criteria
Best Picture

This Best Picture Award is for the citizen-director who produces the best video which is representative of the spirit & essence of Animation Salad event. This video entry cleverly uses inanimate objects to create characters with well-developed personalities, while delivering a fun and interesting story plot.
*Grading: judges' score 60%; video populairty 40%

Sony 220GB HD Camcorder with Projector
US$999 (General/Campus Entry x 1)

Best Director

The Best Director Award will go to the author who produces a video which best matches the tone of any of the four major submission types mentinoned in the Rules & Regulations section. (Talk show, Music video, Mascot trailer, Animated drama)
*Grading: judges' score 60%; video populairty 40%

iPad2 32 GB (Wi-Fi)
US$599 (General/Campus Entry x 1)

Most Popular

The Most Popular Awards will go to the video entries which purely collect the most "video views". If the video sharing site you uploaded to cannot provide statistical data on video views, then you will not be able to compete for this award.
*Grading: video popularity 100%

Xbox 360 - 250GB Console with Kinect
US$399 (General/Campus Entry x 1)

Campus Special

Sponsored by, the 'Campus Special' prize will go to the best single Educational video in the campus entry group. Video entry must be an animated, educational video with a positive message for students. Take note that to be eligible for this prize, you must upload your video to SchoolTube and add the tag >> ANIMATIONSALAD to your video.
*Grading: judges' score 100%

Panasonic - Lumix ZS8 14.1-Megapixel Digital Camera
US$249.99 (Campus Entry x 1)

Best Original Character

This Best Character Award will go to the authors who design the most amazing, and unique characters in their video entries. Higher scores will be given to videos that succesfully animate original, and completely inanimate objects (videos which contain the screenshot or original picture of the inanimate object will be able to compete for this prize).
*Grading: judges' score 100%

Wacom Intuos4 (PTK-440) Tablet
US$298 (General/Campus Entry x 1)

Best Casting

This Best Character Award will go to the director who selects a group of actors that fits the story best. These charcaters can be from the CrazyTalk Animator embedded, bonus, or original characters.
*Grading: judges' score 100%

Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet
US$199 (General Entry x 1; Campus Entry x 1)

Best Screenplay

The Best Screenplay Award will go to video creators who develop the most interesting stories with a well thought out plots, including remarkable and inspiring dialogues. Think Tarantino.
*Grading: judges' score 100%

Corel VideoStudio Pro X4
US$99.99 (General/Campus Entry x 3)

Best Style Setting

The Best Style Setting Award will go to the video entries who create unique, beautifully crafted, themed or stylish costumes for their characters. High marks will be given to video entries with good attention to detail and accessories.
*Grading: judges' score 100%

Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3
US$79.99 (General/Campus Entry x 3)

Best Voice Performance

This category will be awarded to the Best Voice performers in the Animation Salad event. Winners will have to demonstrate excellent audio skills and voice talenst in their character's voices.
*Grading: judges' score 100%

Serif PhotoPlus x4
US$89.99 (General/Campus Entry x 3)

Best Visual FX

This award is for the citizen-director who had crafted unique shots and scenes that depicted incredible special effects with stunning and awe inspiring visual esthetics.
*Grading: judges' score 100%

Serif DrawPlus x 4
US$89.99 (General/Campus Entry x 3)

Best Animation

The Best Animation Award will be given to the video entries who deliver spot-on facial & body animations worthy of professional 2D Animation TV shows.
*Grading: judges' score 100%

Animation Magazine 1-Year Subscription
US$85 (General Entry x 2; Campus Entry x 1)

Best Camera

The Best Camera Awards are for the citizen-directors who clearly
demonstrate keen insight in story-telling shots, with precision camera angles and camera movements.
*Grading: judges' score 100%

Renderosity Gift Certificate
US$100 (General Entry x 2; Campus Entry x 1)