About the Competition

Do the Impossible, Animate Everyday Objects

For a third year in a row, Reallusion once again delivers a unique and fun animation experience for all age and skill levels. This year we introduce the Animation Salad Competition event with the intention of getting your creative juices flowing by animating everyday inanimate objects.

Summer is here and so is the Reallusion Filmmaking Competition, but this time around we have the new and amazing CrazyTalk Animator to play with. CrazyTalk Animator is a revolutionary animation engine which allows you animate anything! Create actors from photographs or illustrations, and bring them to life with automatic facial & body fitting editors.

Bring out your toys, puppets, fruits, vegetables or anything you like; snap on a pair of eyes & limbs, and start animating your way to stardom. Create a funny, educational or viral video and get instantly noticed while winning great prizes like iPad2, XBox 360 and others from our branded sponsors!

How to Start
Step 1 Take a picture of an inanimate object
Step 2 Use universal face & body fitting editors
Step 3 Animate with auto lip-sync and motion templates
Step 4 Publish to a video sharing site, and submit to WIN!
Testimonial & Credit
"CrazyTalk Animator is a trippy animation system. It's especially wild how 3-D the facial work is!"

- Jeffrey Jon Pidgeon,
animator and story artist at Pixar Animation Studio

"The features that make CrazyTalk a must-have for any animator or aspiring animator’s arsenal is fast facial lip-sync and digital face & body puppeteering."

- Animation Magazine
"Now Educators can harness the power of the imagination by easily animating anything from historical characters, scientific theories and mathematical concepts"

- SchoolTube.com