For most graphic designers, animation is a big step that demands a lot of effort and an additional set of expert skills. CrazyTalk Animator is built from the ground up as a revolutionary animation engine with a highly automated layout, designed specifically to avoid neck-breaking frame-by-frame editing. Exploit the power of drag & drop content creation, with the speed of real-time puppeteering, to start off your journey of animating in minutes.

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Reviews & Comments

CrazyTalk Animator is the new generation in 2D animation, and has already been recognized as a powerful and practical tool by a wide spectrum of users. See the following reviews to know more.

"CrazyTalk Animator partnered with Photoshop does offer a simple way to create animated cartoons. This software also includes a range of preset animations for walking, talking and other common actions, which you can apply to any character and tweak via the straightforward controls."
- Advanced Photoshop (2011.03)

Media Review

"In the right hands it can offer sophisticated options for producing fully-featured animations."

- Animation Guide (2011.02)

"Beginners that never dealt with Animation before will be able to animate your first character in a very short time."

- Advanced Photoshop (2011.05)

"Clever animation software, with full-body character motion. Beginners will find the learning curve gentle enough to encourage them to keep going."

- Computeractive (2011.02)

"I've used CrazyTalk program for several years and have always felt it was one of the best photo/image morphing applications around."

- Ricky Grove in Renderosity (2011.03)

User Testimonial

Renaldo Lawrence (Adobe Trainer)

"Regardless of the software, it is about merging different design tools to create the ultimate resources to help my kids be successful."

Veronica Vinyl (Digital Artist)

"I could edit and draw, but I didn’t have any clue on how to animate. The programmers have already thought of what you might be up to and designed the path to make it happen."

Major Bergman (Content Developer)

"With CrazyTalk Animator, now all my goblins can play tricks in the magic woods and we can listen to their stories of nature, the world, and the elements."

Joe John (Video Producer)

"CrazyTalk Animator is not only for facial animation, but for creating full-blown environments by simply dragging and dropping elements from anywhere."

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