For most graphic designers, animation is a big step that demands a lot of effort and an additional set of expert skills. CrazyTalk Animator is built from the ground up as a revolutionary animation engine with a highly automated layout, designed specifically to avoid neck-breaking frame-by-frame editing. Exploit the power of drag & drop content creation, with the speed of real-time puppeteering, to start off your journey of animating in minutes.

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Animate Your Artwork

Create ready-to-animate characters with the composer system

Cartoon animation consists of a set of animated sprites. With CTA, you only need to focus on designing your character elements, as the built-in Character Composer system will help you to turn them into animated characters. Let the application take care of layering articulated body structures, while giving you complete control over body and facial animations.

* The character is developed by Guillermo Velazquez Avila

Bring your artwork to life with
universal fitting

CrazyTalk Animator features two unique fitting systems that allow you to easily set up a character by matching them with reference templates for body and face.

* The character is developed by Major Bergman

Realistic facial morphs for image-based animations

With the universal facial template, CrazyTalk Animator allows you to add instant expressions for face, eyes, mouth which you can further customize.

* The character is developed by Major Bergman

Auto lip-sync and sprite animation

With preset mouth, eyes, and hand libraries; CrazyTalk Animator automatically turns audio into phonemes that trigger automatic sprite animation and expression commands.

Puppeteer artwork with personality profiles & motion templates

Puppeteer characters with mouse and slider controls that customize action speed and style. Manually adjust individual facial muscles to make your character grin, or select a foot to tap to the beat.

Repurpose any painting with pose and body transformations

Give a new look to any artwork. Use Pose mode with FK and IK editing for authentic character posing; use advanced key framing and motion layering for fine tuning face and body language.

* The character is licensed from Versailles Museum, France

Drag & drop media to create animated props

Besides using the embedded content library, you may also drag-in your own media such as; JPG, GIF, TGA, PNG, and SWF (with alpha channel) files to turn them into animate-able objects.

Controllable camera perspectives & layered scene depths

Easily locate and manage project items with the content manager. Arrange media in real depth layers, and use the preview Camera to review scenes. Then use the Live Camera to animate camera positions while automatically adding in key frames.

Accelerate production with pre-made actor systems

Make good use of the CrazyTalk Animator community marketplace, and learn how the content library can help speed up daily production, and expand your custom library with unique character designs.

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