For most graphic designers, animation is a big step that demands a lot of effort and an additional set of expert skills. CrazyTalk Animator is built from the ground up as a revolutionary animation engine with a highly automated layout, designed specifically to avoid neck-breaking frame-by-frame editing. Exploit the power of drag & drop content creation, with the speed of real-time puppeteering, to start off your journey of animating in minutes.

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Export Your Creation

Create 2D animations, cartoons, and
animated movies

CrazyTalk Animator is designed to create quality animations with vector and bitmap artwork. It eliminates the need of tedious frame-by frame animation, and allows you to produce animated movies, entertainment, TV commercials, cartoons films, short stories, educational presentations, home videos, games, product demos, websites and more.

Create GIF animations by setting a few
key poses

GIF animations are made simple - by composing a series of individual poses, in different time frames, you will be able to export animated images for use in web pages, presentations and other video productions.

Produce image sequences with alpha
channels for post production

CrazyTalk Animator offers a high compatibility for video producers to export image sequences with alpha channels, so that virtual characters can be easily immersed into other media. Create flip books by easily exporting a series of images in motion.

Turn artwork into animated comic books

To produce an animated comic book, CrazyTalk Animator can quickly turn any artwork into elements for puppetry. You may export your creation as image sequence for comic print or bring your still comic characters to life.

One-Click solution for instant 3D stereo
posters or videos

Create eye-popping stereoscopic videos and images, by simply clicking the 'Stereo Vision' output option in the export panel. All projects are layer-based in real Z-depth, which allows users to arrange everything with great 3D stereo results.

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