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6 Tutorials to Jumpstart Your First Animated Story

These tutorials will give you the perfect introduction and help you get started by learning about creating your first custom character, importing in scene props and setting up your scene, as well as the first basic steps in character animation. Six easy-to-understand introductory videos will guide you through the entire learning process, letting you have a solid foundation to start from.

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Get the CTA Know-How with 34 Descriptive Functions

Systematically learn CTA animation with six main categories:

  • Production Environment
  • Actor Creation
  • Facial and Body Animation
  • Stage and FX
  • Content Library
  • Rendering Export

You’ll learn about the tools and features of your production environment in addition to everything you wanted to know about the timeline, 3D view, and more! Ever wanted to create your own character from scratch? The actor creation tutorials in this section detail everything you need to know about character creation in Animator. Learn how to create comical characters from your own photos and customize everything! Finally, this section also includes the animation knowledge that will give your productions a more polished and dynamic feel!

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Learn Advanced Skills Straight from 3 Master Works

These tutorials are exclusive to the CrazyTalk Animator Training DVD, and take a more project-based approach to give you a little behind-the-scenes insight into how we accomplish some of the cool animations you see in our promotional videos. Learn how to recreate a scene from one of our animations by organizing your materials and using advanced techniques on your own project. These exclusive tutorials include a number of useful tips that will give your CrazyTalk Animator production that extra edge.

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Design Resource and Project Files

This DVD also includes a select collection of animations and projects that deliver a highly interactive experience with different scene elements and ready-made animations. You may use these project files, take them apart, and customize them to your own needs while getting a first hand lesson in CrazyTalk Animator.

  • 15 Graphics
  • 33 SWF files
  • 3 Characters
  • 3 Projects
  • 1 AVI