This page will serve as your base from which to find all you need to know about how to create 2D contentfor CrazyTalk Animator that is in demand from our users all around the globe. You can use any of yourfavorite 2D and 3D illustration software to import your creations in for easy animation. Everything from character avatars to props and background scenes are being used in CrazyTalk projects every day. Tap into your artistic potential and start learning how to create this content to fill this need. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, there’s no excuse not to join the developer community! It’s time to earn some money doing what you love! It doesn’t matter if you specialize in Flash, 3D modeling, or a more traditional style of animation, all types of artists can earn money by selling their CrazyTalk Animator content. Don’t miss the chance to be a founding member of anew and flourishing 2D animation community.

Custom Image & Vector-based Actors

Illustrate character parts separately and then combine them to make your own unique characters, or simply deconstruct and recompile a character from any body image photo you have! Sell complete characters with all kinds of unique bodies and heads.

Custom Image & Vector-based Heads

You can create any variety of heads from both images and vector-based drawings. Heads and bodies are completely interchangeable, so use your creativity and imagine whose head you can put on which body!

Scene Backgrounds & Props

Add character to any scene or character with unique and flexible props that you can import from almost any illustrating software imaginable. You can even make them interactive or animate them with Flash, or create animated SFX to go with any sort of on-screen action.

Actor Props & Accessories

Sometimes you'll come across characters that could use that little extra to make them more exciting, or sometimes you'll just want to add a little bit of style... that's where this category comes in. Create cool accessories such as sunglasses and earrings, or props such as trombones, swords, top hats... you get the picture.

Motions and Animation

Are you good at animation? Think you can make our characters dance?Well give it a try, hot shot! Save your unique motions and provide other animators with more of the tools they need to make their production look good.

Decide what content you’d like to make

We’ve all been there staring at that blank canvas, desperately looking for a creative inspiration. Luckily, we can help you find out what content is in demand, and how to create it (unfortunately developing the drawing skills is up to you though). We have a special area in our forum that is dedicated to user requests. Alternately, you can browse through our City Marketplace and see if you can find your niche there as well.

Take a look at the Whitepapers

So you have your idea, now it’s time to implement it. The Whitepapers are a detailed guide to how to create any content you are interested in creating. If you have questions about anything you’d like to create, feel free to contact us at and we’ll do our best to help you along the way.

Use your external image editing software to create your content.

The advantage of CrazyTalk Animator is that you can use any of your favorite animation/modeling/illustration software to create your content. You can take both 2D and 3D characters and props and successfully integrate them into any CrazyTalk Animator scene. Create epic backgrounds using Photoshop, animated props using Flash, or model your own CG characters using Max, Maya, or others. The choice is yours!

Upload your creations to the City Marketplace

In the City Marketplace you have the freedom to produce and upload any content you like. You can join a theme store or simply sell your own stuff independently.This is a good place to feature requested content, sell your content individually or as packs, and also create your own special discounts and deals.

Become a vendor | Develop content | Sell & share content | Customize your store | Cash out | Gain customers

Now is your time to shine!

CrazyTalk Animator is in version 1.0, which means it’s the best chance to get started and learn an entirely new program and help us at Reallusion to develop it along the way with your feedback. You could be among the select few to be considered senior developers for CrazyTalk Animator, and be a future mentor to others who wish to get into the animation business.


Check this out! Submit your content before February 28th in order to be eligible for special cross-promotional opportunities with Reallusion products! Reallusion always does its best to help along its developers, and if you want to take advantage of this unique time-limited offer, get your content in now!


To join the cross-promotional event with Reallusion, please provide a list of the web URLs for your content packs and sent them to Once your creation is approved as certified content, your packs will be promoted on our event page in March.


Take a look at this example here.