July 23-24, booth#1535

Super-Powered Animation Tools in Comic-Con San Diego

Reallusion, partnered with Animation Magazine in Comic-Con San Diego, will show you how to turn your concept art and storyboards into motion comics with CrazyTalk Animator. Transform character drawings into digital actors with easy, three-step character rigging and instant facial animation. There will also be an exclusive Microsoft Kinect motion capture demo for the new and upcoming iClone 5.

CrazyTalk Animator and iClone5 preview impressed crowds

Reallusion talked with so many great folks at Comic-con and heard some stories about our tools powering hefty studio projects.  Comic illustrators and indie publishers were interested in the Reallusion city marketplace and also how they can create motion comics from their existing catalog with CrazyTalk Animator.  The iClone5 Kinect mocap preview wowed with instant calibration and real-time recording capabilities.  We also announced that iClone5 will be available in September.  The combination of industry-insider coverage in addition to a free copy of Animation Magazine and Reallusion's in-booth Kinect mocap experience made for steady crowds at the booth.

Great feedback from animators, illustrators, directors

Both the iClone5 Kinect Mocap and CrazyTalk Animator Motion Comic demos were a hit, and we got some great feedback from prominent animators, illustrators, and directors coming from every background; from comic studio powerhouses to artists and producers at popular television shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live (pictured below).

Talented director Zach Shelton from Willow Road Animation met us at the booth and shared his story of how CrazyTalk Animator played a big role in his martial arts motion comic Justice for Hire and how Animator’s time-saving tools came in clutch for the studio under a looming deadline.

CrazyTalk as a “pocket knife” in studio

The Reallusion experience at Comic-Con invited attendees to see the powerful, time-saving and budget-friendly tools for 2D and 3D animation.  2D Animators saw how fast CrazyTalk Animator can animate their existing 2D illustrations and custom sketches, or even create and assemble characters from vector-based graphics in no time. Facial animation is a big aspect of motion comics, and CrazyTalk Animator provides the easiest and most streamlined solution.  Define the character, record audio and see your comic panel or storyboards come to life. Previz and feature production artists applauded CrazyTalk as a "pocket knife," in the studio, providing all the little tools you need to get the job done.