Visual Reference Guide - Lighting
The reference guide shows visually how different parameters settings will affect your project. This guide is also useful in highlighting the flexibility of the Effect3D Studio application

Lighting Basics
Effect3D Studio includes 4 individually controllable lights
Back Light Position
Key light:
The primary light source
Fill light:
The complement light to soften/brighten the shadow area of an object.
Back light:
The light positioned at the far side of an object, emphasizing the silhouette of the object .

Light Positioning
  Positioning and selectively using lights can dramatically change the atmosphere of your project
3 lights fully lighting the scene
Single light from above 
Single light from below
Single light from the side  Single light from behind 

Colored Lighting
  Correct coloring of the lights, and even setting each light to a different color can dramatically change the mood of your project
Horror  Outerspace 

Shadow Types
Effect3D Studio includes 2 different shadows modes, Cast Shadow and Drop Shadow 
Cast Shadow
Drop Shadow

Cast Shadow
  A cast shadow is a real shadow created by an object obstructing a light source giving the perception of depth and realism
Cast shadow from key light
Shadow cast from a different light
Multiple Shadows being cast

Shadow Blur & Opacity Parameters
These parameters can be changed to alter the appearance of the shadow 
Hard shadow 
(Blur=0, Opacity=60)
Soft shadow 
(Blur=4, Opacity=60)
Blurred shadow 
(Blur=7, Opacity=60)
Light shadow
(Blur=4, Opacity=30)
Dark shadow
(Blur=4, Opacity=80)
Colored shadow

Drop Shadow 
A shadow created by an image repeated behind itself slightly offset to create the illusion that it is floating over its background 
No Shadow
Blur = 4    Opacity = 40  
Offset X =  2       Y = 3 
(Default Setting)
Blur = 1    Opacity = 40
Offset X =  2       Y = 3
Blur = 2 Opacity = 90
Offset X =  2       Y = 3 
Blur = 2    Opacity = 40
Offset X =  4       Y = 6
Colored Shadow
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