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Studio Edition
Simple 8 step process to create professional looking graphics  
Navigation bar to quickly switch between creation stages  
Intuitive graphical user interface  
Cleverly categorized archive for easy browsing  
Real-time 3D preview window  
3D Object polygon count indicator  
Move, Rotate, Zoom Camera controls to adjust scene appearance  
Preset camera views - free, front, left, right, top, & bottom  
Camera lens adjustment to alter depth perspective  
Full screen preview  
Incremental editing, allowing the addition of many 3D objects in one scene, by applying to background  
3D Objects    
Over 700 high quality 3D objects  
Ability to import 3DS format objects  
Cleverly categorized object gallery with thumbnails  
Add your own objects and categories to the gallery  
Import 2D images with 3D photo frames  
Crop imported images with transparency mask function  
Advanced object transformation  
3D Text    
Text to 3D font  
Supports any language  
Select font type from any installed on your system  
Italic and bold settings  
Text templates with custom flying text or 3D object animation  
Text precision setting  
12 different bevel settings  
Font width, height and depth settings  
Easy graphics creation using winding & webding fonts  
Save text as a new 3D object, and add to your object gallery  
24 Photo-realistic and Non-Photo realistic rendering style effects, complete with extended effect parameters  
Large gallery of material settings  
Define and save your own material settings  
Save material/effect parameters in projects  
Anti-aliasing option for smoother images  
Background & object color adjustment  
Object transparency setting  
Transparency mask  
Texture/Bump mapping  
Blend color and texture effects  
Map scale, tiling, and offset adjustments  
Diffuse, specular, glossiness, absolute glossiness parameters  
Brightness & Contrast parameters  
Hue & Saturation parameters  
Drop shadow effect  
Glow effect  
Adjustable stage lighting  
Large gallery of useful preset lighting conditions designed to cast light evenly throughout scene  
Save & categorize your own lighting conditions  
4 individually controllable light sources  
Adjustable light source position  
Individual light color assignment  
Light position/color indicator to assist in fine tuning  
Cast shadow and drop shadow options  
Real cast shadow from each light source  
Selectable shadow color, blur & opacity  
Animation Gallery with over 70 categorized animation's  
Custom animation  
Biomorph animation  
Animated lighting effects  
Animation thumbnail preview  
Adjustable tempo (ease-in/out, smooth)  
Adjustable animation strength  
Adjustable frame rate, number of frames and animation duration  
Animation control bar with; Play, Pause, Stop, Next frame, Previous frame  
Flexible output options including: Animated GIF; Static GIF; BMP; BMP Sequence; JPG; JPG Sequence; PRJ ; SCX  
Small files using expert compression options  
Estimate file size prior to export  
Color depth selection  
Output can include single frame, range or all frames  
Normal or progressive output  
Copy to Microsoft Clipboard  
Save current frame  
Output size upto 800x600 pixels  
Full Screen Preview  
Background transparency, color transparency  
Output Crop function  
Web Effect Composer    
Create JavaScript web effects without any knowledge of programming  
Use images created in Effect3D Studio  
Interactive mouse effects including: mouseover, mousemove & mouseclick  
Artistic effects including: change image, shake image, glow, blur, alpha, wave  
Flying objects  
Image/photo slide show with transition effects and autoplay  
Output preview  
Save as HTML file  
Copy and Paste into existing HTML page  
Animation Composer    
Create new animation sequences by connecting and blending several clips  
Preview new animation clip before rendering  
Fade from one animation clip to another  
Select only a portion of the imported animation sequence  
Change animation tempo with frame rate adjustment  
Loop output  
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