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  How to animate any logo in five simple steps.

Easily create stunning 3D effects with your business or organizational logo. Effect3D Studio transforms any image from your business card or letterhead into an animated 3D graphic. Then, import your 3D logo into any PowerPoint presentation, web page, Office document or cdrom. 

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Inside Effect3D Studio - Free Trial


From the Top menu click the 'Select Object' icon
 STEP 2       
On the right side of the screen choose Import Image from the menu.
  Effect3D Studio allows you to import any JPG or BMP image.



The 'Import Image' dialog box allows you to do three things to import your logo.

1. Locate your logo file (.jpg or .bmp) on your computer.

2. Apply an optional opacity mask to your image.

3. Choose the Frame style for your image or select no frame as shown here.


Did You Know?        Here's how an Opacity mask works.
Imported images can be masked and animated just like any other 3D object. Using a photo editing software like PhotoShop or Paint shop Pro you can create opacity masks by filling the area you wish to be transparent with black fill. Effect3D imports your image (JPG or BMP) and your optional Opacity mask combining the two images to create a 3D object from your image or photo.
Example 1        
Original Image 
Insert Background   
From the Top menu select the second icon to the right to edit the background
Apply Animation    
From the Top menu select the sixth icon to choose an animation effect
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