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Artistic styles with NPR effects
Effect3D Studio includes 24 Photo-realistic and Non-Photo realistic rendering style effects, complete with extended effect parameters, this includes: real, wireframe, wooden, golden, cute cartoon, seurat, and many more...

Real styles with PR effects
Once you have selected a rendering style you can adjust the material settings. You can choose a material setting from the large gallery of pre-set material settings provided, or you can define and save your own material settings. When defining your own material setting there are many parameters available for adjustment including: color, diffuse, specular, glossiness, absolute glossiness. You can also adjust the background and objects brightness, contrast, hue & saturation.

Each rendering style comes complete with extended parameter settings
Using Effect3D Studio's advanced features you can add texture and bump maps to your 3D objects providing a professional 3D look. You can even blend color and texture effects together. Applied maps can be adjusted using scale, tiling, and offset parameters. The object transparency setting can be adjusted to make the object look less opaque or you can apply a transparency mask to add different levels of transparency across your 3D object.

Effect3D Studio includes an Anti-aliasing option for smoother images this removes the sharp jagged edges from the image file when exported. You can also save material/effect parameters in projects so you can re-use your creativity time and time again.



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