Features - Lighting

Large gallery of useful preset lighting conditions
Effect3D Studio includes a large gallery of useful preset lighting conditions designed to cast light evenly throughout the scene. This includes various coloring and positioning, to provide a variety of different atmospheres in your project. Alternatively you yourself can fully adjust the stage lighting. This is achieved with 4 individually controllable light sources.

4 individually controllable light sources including color, position & shadow
Each lightsource includes: On/off switch, positioning of lightsource, light color selection. There is also a lightsource position/color indicator to assist in fine tuning of the lightsource settings. Once you have setup your own lighting condition you can save & categorize your own lighting conditions within the lighting gallery for re-use.

Cast shadow and drop shadow options
Effect3D Studio includes 2 different types of shadow options; cast shadow and drop shadow. The real cast shadow option can be cast from each light source, this causes a real shadow to be projected on the ground. The drop shadow option creates a copy of itself behind and slightly offset to create the illusion that it is floating over its background. Once applied shadows have adjustable parameter including: shadow color, blur & opacity.



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