Features - General

Visual gallery based content for faster image creation
Effect3D Studio uses a simple 8 step process to create professional looking graphics. The intuitive graphical user interface is very easy to use and presents all the effect parameters in a logical way. The main navigation bar is provided to quickly switch between creation stages. All backgrounds, 3D objects, rendering styles, material effects, lighting and animation content is cleverly categorized for easy browsing.

Real-time 3D preview window
Effect3D Studio's real-time 3D preview window provides a WYSIWYG editing environment. The in-built 3D object polygon count indicator can be used to gauge the quality of the 3D object being used. To view your image as it will appear when exported you can use the full-screen preview to see the image full size.

Because the scene you see in the 3D preview window is in full 3D, you have complete control over the camera which provides the viewpoint within the 3D world. You are able to move, rotate, zoom, or spin the camera to adjust scene appearance. Preset camera views - free, front, left, right, top, & bottom are also provided for you to quickly move from one view to another. Lastly, just as with a real camera you can adjust the camera lens to alter depth perspective.

Incremental editing, allowing the addition of many 3D objects in one scene
Using the "apply as background" button Incremental editing is possible. This allows the addition of many 3D objects in one scene, this is done by applying an existing loaded 3D object to the background. Only one of the 3D objects can be animated at any time.

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