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File format support for: GIF animation, GIF, BMP, BMP sequence, JPG, JPG sequence, PRJ and SCX
Effect3D Studio supports the following export file formats: animated GIF, GIF, BMP, BMP sequence, JPG, JPG sequence, PRJ, and SCX.

Portability with project files
Effect3D project files (EPP and EPJ) can be used to share your work with other on different PC's. The project is a self-contained file including all the settings, parameters and resources used to create your finished image.

Output size upto 800x600
Output size can be upto 800x600 pixels for static or animated images. When exporting your final project your output can include a single frame, a range or all frames from the animation sequence. At any stage within the application you can copy to Microsoft clipboard or save the current frame to use the result in another application. Using the output crop function you can select how much of the image in the preview window is saved. A full screen preview is provided to display your project as it will appear when exported.

Background transparency, color transparency

To ensure your file sizes are suitable for their intended application you can estimate file size prior to export, you can then also use the compression options or color depth selection to reduce the file size. When exporting as a GIF file you can select background transparency, color transparency, or Z-transparency options. When exporting as a JPG image you can select normal or progressive output for web applications.




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