Features - 3D Text

12 different bevel settings
Effect3D Studio enables you to create 3D text objects simply by typing in text. 3D text objects are able to be created using any font type installed on your system, giving you the ability to support any language

Adjustable width, height and depth
You can stylize text further by applying italic and bold settings, adding one if 12 different 3d bevel styles, and adjusting the precision, width, height and depth settings

Animated 3d text templates to create dynamic fonts
Once you have created your 3D text object you can apply a text templates with custom flying text or 3D object animation, these templates are broken down into 3 different categories: still, dynamic, and scene

Graphics can easily be created using winding & webding fonts, these new 3D objects and any text object can be saved as a new 3D object, and then added to your 3D object gallery

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