Features - 3D Objects

Create 3D photo objects from your own digital photo collection
Effect3D Studio comes complete with over 700 high quality 3D objects these are included in a cleverly categorized object gallery with thumbnails to assist in quickly locating the 3D object you require.


Import 3D objects from 3DS or SCX formats
Effect 3D Studio also allows you to import any 3D object in the 3DS or SCX file formats, your object gallery then becomes an unlimited resource by enabling you to add your own objects and categories to the gallery. Once imported you can distort the object using the advanced object transformation functions

Grow your 3D objects gallery by collecting your own 3D objects
If the vast resource of 3D objects is not enough, Effect3D Studio allows you to import 2D images and apply them to 3D photo frames. Using this function you can animate your own digital photo collection in 3D.

As an advanced user you can combine the import of 2D images with the crop imported images with transparency mask function enabling you to cut out only certain portions of the imported file. Using this function you can import your dull 2D corporate logo and animate it in full 3D!




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