Bonus Downloads

Bonus Resource Pack Download

The registered version of Effect3D Studio includes a massive library with over 700x 3D objects. The main downloadable installer includes just 25x 3D objects, the additional bonus object packs have been split into parts for easier handling, each is about 10MB in size.

This page includes content available for download by trial users and premium users. Some bonus download content is restricted to premium users only.

Free Downloads - all users

These bonus files may be downloaded and installed by all Effect3D Studio Edition users

FREE Trial Resource Pack (13MB) 25x 3D objects, 9x backgrounds, 34x text templates, 24x rendering effects, 84x material effects, 24x animation templates & 66x lighting templates

Premium users only

If you have purchased Effect3D Studio you can create a premium member account by registering your product. If you have recently purchased but not yet registered visit our registration page.
Note: All 'premium user only' files are downloaded via your premium member page

Resource Pack 1 (14MB) 88x 3D objects, 31x backgrounds & 35x animations

Resource Pack 2 (10.7MB) 220x 3D objects

Resource Pack 3 (10.7MB) 220x 3D objects

Resource Pack 4 (9.47MB) 220x 3D objects

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<font color="#CCCCCC" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"> <p><Effect3D 3D animation software - Finally, a graphics program that's easy to use and produces professional quality animations in just minutes. The latest version of effect 3d from reallusion combines a robust graphic editor with a powerful wizard. You'll be producing stunning 3d effects for animated gifs, web graphics and more with just a few clicks.></p> <a class=link_e3ds href=""><view our 3d image gallery></a> <a class=link_e3ds href=""><download free trial of effect 3d animation editor software></a><br> <a class=link_e3ds href=""><features of 3D graphic editor></a><br> <a class=link_e3ds href=""><visit our designer zone to see how you can use Effect3D with other apps like 3DS></a> <p><Effect3d lets you have fun with photo realistic renderings of 3D objects with effects like a wooden, marble or metallic gold finish. Enjoy powerful artistic rendering effects to make any object look like a water-color, pastel, outline, cartoon, stipple, or charcoal effect at the touch of a button.> </p> </font>