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Earth Sculptor : Nature Builder | Features | Reference Guide | Pipeline

iClone users gain new ground with Earth Sculptor

Reallusion and Earth Sculptor have partnered to bring the easiest and most powerful terrain creation tool to iClone. Users of iClone have long enjoyed access to natural scene building elements like, LivePlants, water and sky and now it is possible to create terrain featuring limitless sweeping landscapes, rocky mountain ranges and general all-purpose grounds with EarthSculptor.

Full Version of Earth Sculptor

Earth Sculptor is a real-time terrain editor and paint program featuring an easy to use interface designed exclusively for rapid development of 3D landscapes. Besides that it's a full featured tool which generates industry standard output such as OBJ and PNG format, Reallusion has optimized it for iClone users with the dedicated iClone export plug-in that generates iClone native 3D model complete with user defined size, mesh resolution (LOD), and blended texture maps.

Note. The Earth Sculptor Plug-in is for iClone3 or above

Key Features

Designed for High Productivity

  • Fast 3D hardware accelerated terrain rendering
  • Multiple undo/redo editing
  • Intuitive hotkey system allows fast 3D paintings with dual hands operation

High Quality Output - Maximal Terrain Size and Texture Resolution

  • Map mesh sizes up to 4097x4097(around 40m x 40m in iClone)
  • Terrain Texture sizes up to 4096x4096 pixels
  • Terrain Mesh can be further scaled in iClone
  • Be able to use bump map in iClone to add further detail to the terrain surface


Sculpt 3D Terrain with 8 Terraform Tools

  • 8 terrain sculpturing tools - raise, lower, level, grab, smooth, erode, push and ramp
  • Adjust scale, strength and smoothness back and forth to reach better sculpting performance


Paint the Terrain with Color Texture Brush

  • Includes 88 textures as brushes from sandy beach, grass lands, rocky mountains,
    to gavel grounds
  • Be able to set texture brush with the parameters like strength, softness, scale, noise     
  • Be able to vary color tint to texture brush from the palette pane       
  • Texture paint constraint based on height and slope angle 

Smart Methods to Generate Terrain & Texture

  • Perlin Noise Terrain Generator
  • Generate Terrain from Height map
  • Real time reflecting water, as a reference guide on river bank or island beach paint
  • Generate pre-lighted texture with lightmap tool (adjustable light source)

Support Multiple Levels of Texture Output

  • 3 basic map sources for texture generation: Color Map, Detail Map, Light Map
  • Be able to bake light maps on the color map
  • Blending filters (add, minus, multiply) between maps to reach different visual effects
  • Export height maps as 16-bit PNG textures (no proprietary formats)


Build Quick Foundation from Detail Textures

  • Up to 8 detailed textures, able to be layered with over other, and retain dynamic settings between textures for fast editing
  • Automatically arrange the detail textures according to the terrain height or the slope angle to simulate the real geological ecosystem
  • Be able to blend with color maps, add detail variations on the terrain texture


Paint Textures with External painting tools

  • Be able to access textures files and height maps from external paint tools when editing 3D terrain project
  • Be able to modify textures in paint program, and refresh texture to instantly change the terrain look
  • Works with any paint program and PNG file support

Direct export to iClone with iClone Plug-in

  • Export as iClone native Props format with terrain texture
  • Define output Mesh Resolution (LOD), from hundreds of polygon to 100K mesh size
  • Terrain scale setting
  • Texture size setting (from 128x128 to 4096x4096 pixels)
  • Standard 3D format export, OBJ for mesh output, PNG for texture output (colormap, lightmap, heightmap, detailmap)