5.1 New

Reallusion has refined 3DXchange5 for increased usability during conversion. You are now able to adjust character poses and motions directly thanks to the ability to add them to the preview menu during the bone-mapping process. We've also added a custom export template for Blender as well. Version 5.1 allows you to show or hide bone nodes in characterization mode, which lets you focus on the main character structure without interference. Take a look at all the enhancements below, and don't forget to leave your suggestions in our forum.

3DXchange5 Enhancements in v.5.1

Pose Enhancement for iClone Characters

You are now able to import iClone Standard Characters and make T-Pose posture adjustments in Characterization mode. With this useful enhancement, you can now adjust the posture differences between G2, G3, G5 characters, and prevent issues such as limb penetration into the body when applying motions to character with unique body proportions.

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Blender Support

In version 5.1, we provide Blender motion support which allows you to export your animation in BVH format, retarget and apply the motion to Blender characters, or edit further for various render needs.

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Show/Hide Bone Node Option

Using the scene tree checkbox, you are now able to show or hide redundant bone nodes in characterization mode to reduce distraction when bone mapping for a cleaner look. You can also ctrl-click the scene tree checkbox to show/hide the entire selected bone hierarchy. You can also save the show/hide information with your exported iAvatar, so that the next time you load the character, the extraneous bone nodes will no longer appear.

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Other Enhancements in v.5.1


  • Added: Add pivot data to non-standard characters. Now, when applying accessories to non-standard characters (exported from 3DX5.1) in iClone, the accessories will maintain the correct location and rotation values.
  • Added: Preview embedded motion option in characterization mode. Users can now preview the embedded character animation (FBX or iAvatar) directly from the preview drop down menu during the characterization procedure before pressing “Convert”.

Head Morph

  • Enhanced: G4 / G5 Head option in Head Morph / Export Model.
  • Enhanced: Auto-detect G4 / G5 head when importing Head Morph Model.


  • Enhanced: Recorded accessory animation can be transferred to 3DX5, either via iClone/Avatar/"Edit in 3DXchange", or by loading saved iAvatar in 3DXChange. You can press Play to view the accessory animation, and export the accessory animation together with the animated character in FBX format.
  • Enhanced: Users are now able to directly switch the preview avatar in Preference setting.
  • Added: Hotkey for Material Pick (Ctrl + `) / Paint (`).
  • Added: Delete Pivot Node option in FBX Export panel. This deletes extra accessory pivots nodes generated from iClone / Edit Pivot. Turn on this option to get a cleaner view of iClone characters exported for other 3D tools.
  • Fixed: Pop-up dialog to prevent unexpected exit from Characterization procedure if users click on any Export button (FBX/iAvatar/BVH/iMotion) before pressing “Convert”.

*To find out how to use these new features, simply go to the Online Help and make a search for "3DXchange5.1 New Features".