3DXchange5 Upgrade
This upgrade page contains details of the latest release version. You can also check out 3DXchange5 What's New, 5.1 New Features, 5.4 New Features, and 5.5 New Features page for more info.

Available below are packs to ensure you have the latest version of 3DXchange5 product installed. A version history will be included so you can better understand the new features added or issues solved within a specific release.
  • Official Release Version: 5.51 (5.51.2312.1)
  • Release Date: 2013-11-15
  • Language: English Version
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    3DXchange5.51 (5.51.2312.1) update patch

    Format: .exe
    Last update on 15th November 2013.
    File Size
    For 3DXchange v5.50 above
    Standard, PRO, Pipeline
    29.2 MB
    *For V5.4, download the updated Bonus Content Pack in the Reallusion Member Page.

    3DXchange Version History

    v5.51 (v5.51.2312.1) released 15th August-13

    v5.5 (v5.5.2007.1) released 8th August-13

    • Added: Export FBX now includes the following data:
      . Facial animation (including morph & bone animation).
      . Accessory animation.
      . Spring effects.
    • Added: Motion Library / Perform Editor supports new iMotionPlus, iTalk formats.
    • Added: Added Auto-update morph data in Expression Editor for reloading FaceAnimProfile file.
    • Added: Added following option in Export FBX Preset: 
      . "Delete Source Morph Shapes" for Max & Maya to prevent the Morph number from exceeding the limitation. 
      . "Auto Adjust Material for Maya" to provide Maya default material value in export file.
    • Added the embedded prop animation into the list of Spring Edit > Preview Motion, easily to preview the spring result.
    • Enhanced: Enhanced the UI layout for Exporting iClone content.
    • Enhanced: Enhance Persona editing by simply adding iMotionPlus in Perform Editor.
    • Fixed: Some 3D universe character which with Facial animation had no result in Maya while using a Maya preset in output.

    v5.41 (v5.41.1525.1) released 2nd April-13

    • Fixed: Characters composed before iC5.4 with a G4 Head that saved from iC4 and a G5 body, caused crashes when using the Expression Editor.
    • Fixed: Morph-based character lost the morph slider settings when loading .3dxFaceAnimProfile that was saved before.

    v5.4 (v5.4.1511.1) released 11th March-13

    Different types of Facial Rigs can be imported into 3DXchange:
    • Added: Supports all types of facial rig designs such as Morph-based, Bone-based, and Bone & Morph Hybrid.
    • Added: Designate the Facial/Extend Bones of the character and give it a correct hierarchy grouping.
    • Added: Map facial bones to the left, and right eyes, and the jaw to start defining the facial animation.
    • Added: Extended bones under the body and head nodes can be edited with IK animation in iClone (such as ears and tails), or applied with spring effects in 3DXchange.

    Expression Editor:

    • Added: Expression Editor for overall facial animation mapping, Head, Eye rotation, Jaw bone movement, muscle for facial puppeteer, and viseme for audio lip-sync. Users can transform facial bones and modify the morph effects with sliders to define expressions.

      If you need to modify your source file in other 3D tools; then you can use save/ load Facial Animation Profiles to save your work time.

    Auto-convert to non-standard (talking) characters:

    • Added: Support for the following two character systems; user can save lots of time on the bone/expression mapping procedure.
      - DAZ Genesis Characters
      - iClone Game Bone Character

    Spring Edit Mode:

    • Added: Provides spring on/off option, and being able to assign Spring types (rotate / translate), and adjust the Hard or Soft levels. Users no longer need to script the spring settings in the text editor.
    • Added: Define Spring Group List as the entry for multi-track Timeline editing in iClone.


    • Added: Fixed bone twist issues users encountered when importing some custom 3D characters. After characterization there is a 17.5 degree upper arm bone rotation. We added the "Absolute Roll Extraction" option for bone rotation share, for users to solve this problem. User can turn it on/off according to needs.
    • Added: Users can Add/ Delete/ Export/ Replace the morph data via the Face Setup/ Morph List.
    • Added: Fixed the motion posture in the Motion Modifier, and provided several sliders/modes for adjustment.
    • Added: Compatible with Windows 8.
    • Fixed: Crash when users converted a terrain to props, and exported props to OBJ.
    • Fixed: Crash when replacing an OBJ that does not have UV data.
    • Fixed: "Export Selected Only" option does not work in File / Export OBJ.
    • Fixed: When loading an OBJ or FBX file containing normal maps, 3DX (3DXchange) wrongly displayed it as bump maps not showing the correct normal results.
    • Fixed: When loading OBJ, FBX with normal maps in PNG format, 3DX compressed it into JPEG format. This compression caused significant noise on normal map display. In v5.4 we keep the original PNG format to retain the 100% visual quality, while users can benefit from the smaller PNG data size comparedto TGA or BMP formats.
    • Enhanced: User can get simplified motion data for BVH, FBX export by using the preview avatar with simplified bone structure. You can access it from Preference/Preview Avatar - "02.G5 MotionBone.iAvatar".
    • Enhanced: We have removed redundant AutoMesh nodes when exporting BVH or FBX motion files. Added: When activating spring, sometimes the bones would get deformed or move to a far-away location, this is because the content has redundant pivot nodes either generated by iClone, or ones remaining from animation data resulting from other 3D modeling tools. You can fix this kind of problem by using Singularize Pivots in Modify / Transform / Align.
      Singularize Pivots work as follows:
      - Delete the pivots nodes generated from iClone / Edit Pivot.
      - Reset animation data according to its present posture or state.

    v5.1 (v5.1.0829.1) released 6th September-12

    • Enhanced: Users are now able to import iClone Standard Characters and make T-Pose Posture adjustments in Characterization mode. Using this feature you can adjust the posture differences between G2, G3, G5 characters, and prevent issues such as limb penetration into the body when applying motions to character with unique body proportions.
    • Added: Add pivot data to non-standard characters. Now, when applying accessories to non-standard characters (exported from 3DX5.1) in iClone, the accessories will maintain the correct location and rotation values.
    • Added: Show / hide character bones (or nodes) option in characterization mode. Users can now hide redundant character bones and save the show/hide information when the character is converted to iAvatar format. Using the scene tree checkbox to show/hide bones, ctrl-click the scene tree checkbox to show / hide the whole selected bone hierarchy.   
    • Added: Preview embedded motion option in characterization mode. Users can now preview the embedded character animation (FBX or iAvatar) directly from the preview drop down menu during the characterization procedure before pressing “Convert”.

    Head Morph:

    • Enhanced: G4 / G5 Head option in Head Morph / Export Model.
    • Enhanced: Auto-detect G4 / G5 head when importing Head Morph Model.


    • Enhanced: Recorded accessory animation can be transferred to 3DX5, either via iClone/Avatar/”Edit in 3DXchange”, or by loading saved iAvatar in 3DXChange. You can press Play to view the accessory animation, and export the accessory animation together with the animated character in FBX format.
    • Enhanced: Users are now able to directly switch the preview avatar in Preference setting.
    • Added: Hotkey for Material Pick (Ctrl + `) / Paint (`).
    • Added: BVH motion export option for Blender.
    • Added: Delete Pivot Node option in FBX Export panel. This deletes extra accessory pivots nodes generated from iClone / Edit Pivot. Turn on this option to get a cleaner view of iClone characters exported for other 3D tools.
    • Fixed: Pop-up dialog to prevent unexpected exit from Characterization procedure if users click on any Export button (FBX/iAvatar/BVH/iMotion) before pressing “Convert”.

    v5.03 (v5.03.0705.1) released 6th July-12

    For PRO/Standard Versions:

    • Enhanced: Message dialogue adjustment for Trial version.

    For Pipeline Version:

    • Enhanced: Check export license from inside the Perform Editor.
    • Enhanced: Message dialogue adjustment for Trial version.

    v5.02 (v5.02.0621.1) released 21st June-12

    For PRO/Standard Versions:

    • Enhanced: Allows UV editing data in Modify/Replace Mesh.
    • Enhanced: When receiving a character from iClone to Edit in 3DXchange, click on Replace to directly use the character to preview motions.
    • Added: Click Buy iContent to directly buy all content in the working view.
    • Added: Click Refresh License to detect and refresh content in the working view after purchase.

    For Pipeline Version:

    • Added: Export iClone content to other tools via FBX/BVH format.
    • Added: Click Buy Export License to directly buy all export licenses in the working view.
    • Added: One-Click Export Verification to check contents. After, they can be used offline.
    • Added: Go to 3DXPortal to get more export license content.

    v5.01 (v5.01.0430.1) released 2nd May-12

    • Fixed: Could not reload iAvatars/iProps containing particle effects.
    • Fixed: Switched position of Get Content & Help on the menu.
    • Fixed: Displayed the incorrect trial period in the Trial version.

    v5.00 (5.0.0922.1) released 19th April-12


    Previous Versions

    v4.11 released 9th December 2010

    • Added: Now supports .SKP files for Google Sketchup version 7 and 8.
    • Fixed: Textures not being brought in after loading some .skp files.

    v4.1 released 5th August 2010

    • Enhanced: Enhanced performance while adjusting sliders in Material section.
    • Enhanced: Able to Sync the file format to iClone4.3.

    v4.0 released 24th March 2010

    • Added: Undo/Redo system.
    • Added: Convert bone-skin Prop to Non-Human Chararcter.
    • Added: Allow to make sub-prop to restructure object node for advanced animation editing in iClone.
    • Added: Added pipeline for OBJ in/out allows editing with 3D Paint Tools (Phososhop CS4, Argile, Z-Brush..).
    • Added: Allows creation of custom Head Morph via 3D Paint Tools.
    • Added: Import motion/poses for characters to export in OBJ.
    • Added: Allow input FBX bone-skin character, motion in and motion clip management.
    • Added: Create unique material for material-sharing models.
    • Added: Provide 2-Side Pick for selected mesh with inverted normal.
    • Added: Gizmo for pivot setting on each node.
    • Added: Reset Transform to re-initialize all transformation values back to default while keeping the same look.
    • Enhanced: Provide box select for multiple items.
    • Enhanced: Allow iClone x 1,2,3,4 data input/output for iClone 4.
    • Enhanced: Provide mesh flip for normal correction.
    • Enhanced: Full material edit function with drag & drop system.
    • Enhanced: iClone UI convention and traditional hotkey system.

    v2.0 released 10th January 2008

    • Added: Support SKP files from SketchUp.
    • Added: Direct Picking and Multiple Item Selection.
    • Added: Rename Nodes - An effective way to manage your model items.
    • Added: Export Selected objects - Easier to extract your selected items from the whole scene.
    • Added: Enhanced Facing and Material Editing - transparency, illumination, and weld vertex.
    • Added: Exclude SKP back faces - A crucial way to save polygon count.
    • Added: Hide Excluded Items - This feature simplify scene tree display if users has cleaned up unnecessary back faces.
    • Added: Seamless Workflow between 3D Warehouse, Google Sketchup and 3DXchange2.
    • Added: Google 3D Warehouse - Unlimited Free Access to the largest collaborated 3D model library.
    • Added: Google SketchUp - Free 3D Modeling Tool with native format support to iClone.
    • Added: Scratch build any 3D model via the most easy-to-use 3D modeling tool.
    • Added: Auto prompt save skp file when download 3D Warehouse model directly from 3DXchange.

    v1.1 released 26th October 2007

    • Added: VNS format compatible with iClone 2.5.
    • Fixed: Full Screen malfunction in VISTA O/S.