Pipeline Workflows
Work Flows - Prop

Here 3D animators can learn all the step-by-step procedures to make iClone work seamlessly with their favorite 3D application. Follow these illustrated guides to streamline your workflow.

Create Content in external 3D tools

To create custom props or scenes for use iClone, you may choose to model them by using other popular tools like Google's SketchUp, 3ds Max, Maya or others. You may directly bring in these models by simply converting them from other libraries like Google 3D Warehouse.

3DXchange5 Support Formats

3DXchange5 supports 4 types of object formats including; 3DS, OBJ, FBX, and SKP (from SketchUp). Users may even import props and characters with embedded animations, in FBX format, and convert them in 3DXchange5 for use in iClone.

Editing in 3DXchange5

In 3DXchange5 you may reset transforms and pivots, and edit materials to refine models for real-time animation. In the end, you may export these models in iProp format for use in iClone.

Access props in iClone5

Go to "Set" >> "Prop". Find object in the Custom folder you just exported from 3DXchange5.