Pipeline Workflows
Workflows - Blender

Here 3D animators can learn all the step-by-step procedures to make iClone work seamlessly with their favorite 3D application. Follow these illustrated guides to streamline your workflows.

Export Blender character in FBX format

In Blender, you are suggested to generate characters by adding "Armature" with skinned mesh and hierarchy bone structure. It is fine to set character in a T-pose without other rigging controllers.

Export Settings in Blender

Using default setting to export:
Highlight class Armature & Mesh, and enable "include Animation" if animation is embedded.

Convert FBX in 3DXchange5

Import the FBX file and convert it to a "Non-standard character". For characterization, rotate bones into a T-pose, map at least 15 bones, and adjust for posture alignment. Click "Convert" and export the iAvatar file (enable "Geometry") to the iClone Content Manager.

Access Character in iClone5

Go to "Actor" >>" Avatar". Find the character in the Custom folder you just exported from 3DXchange5.