What's 3DXchange5

3DXchange5 is a robust, streamlined conversion and editing tool that connects iClone to a universe of 3D content. Users are able to import bi-ped, animated skin-bone characters and their animations for use in iClone, and also export iClone characters and animations to external 3D applications and video game engines.

Key Features

Bring in any character, motion & prop into iClone and connect to a world of 3D Tools.


Reviews & Awards

"Reallusion's iClone5 is an impressive character creation, animation and motion capture toolbox for Unity developers. Unity welcomes Reallusion as a showcase partner for GDC 2012."

- David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies

"iClone (& 3DXchange5) is a potentially monumental tool for the indie community. I've been asking for this since it's release and finally a company has created it. Motion capture using the Kinect. When Reallusion gave a presentation at GDC 2012 I was blown away..."

- Indie Games Studio

"We had a lot of fun hanging out with and talking to everybody from Reallusion. A cool company making excellent products with a team that is friendly and inspired. iClone plus 3DXchange5 is the perfect package."

- Pixel Eyes Productions