Why CrazyTalk Animator is Unique

2D cartoon animation is used by almost all design teams in every professional art studio. Usually animators need to have enough skills to draw characters from scratch. They also need to be experienced in key-frame animation, motion logic and other crucial aesthetic concepts. Reallusion's CrazyTalk Animator now changes the way you work with 2D Animation, with its innovative character generation and puppet control. Creating 2D animation has never been this quick and fun as now literally Anyone can animate - with amazingly good results every time!

Reason1. Quickly turn any media into animated content
Turn any image into actor
With CrazyTalk's unique photo-to-animation engine; anyone can quickly turn photos, sketches, statues, paintings, comics and toys into amazing animate-able characters.
Build scenes by drag-n-dropping popular media files
CrazyTalk Animator supports a variety of media formats such as"image"(.bmp, .jpg, .gif, .tga, .png),"video"(.avi, .wmv),"Flash"(.swf) and"sprite video"(.popVideo) which can all be dragged directly into a scene from any external window.
Seamless integration with your original creations
If you are skilled in any other painting or vector drawing tools, then you can easily bring your work into CrazyTalk Animator. Create characters, accessories, props, scenes and special effects with this awesome media mash-up platform.
Reason2. Set up an actor with the character composer & templates
Photo fitting with preset bones
No longer do you have to worry about setting character bones from scratch. CrazyTalk Animator provides articulated character-bone templates for quick facial & body fitting. All CTA compatible character can now enjoy this new and powerful animation control.
Decorate your characters with virtual dressing room
The Character composer system inside CrazyTalk Animator helps you mix and match different styles of cartoon characters; each with their own exchangeable body parts, accessories, face features and more! With the further touch of object transformation or color adjustment, you can result in a variety of styles.
Build your custom character library
With the expandable Composer system, you may bring in your own stylized character designs and easily manage them. Discover the fun and magic of creating unlimited theme stories and learn the secrets of making your own; South Park, The Simpsons or popular Japanese anime.
Reason3. Create animation by moving your mouse
Instant animation with embedded motion templates
CrazyTalk Animator provides a complete set of motion templates that help you animate a character with professional results in seconds. CTA also provides full-wired eye, mouth and hand gesture systems that correspond to each animation profile.
Auto lip-sync and expression switch
Easily import a WAV file, or record your own voice to create automatic lip-syncing and vivid facial expressions. Morph captured images or create unique sprite animation with any character.
Real-time puppeteering control & custom profile
No more key by key editing. Simply use a mouse or another handheld device to puppeteer your character's animation with customizable puppet profiles. You can even record your movement clips with the smart motion key-layering tools!